Swiftships Team

At the heart of Swiftships are our employees. We work together as one team relying on our profound knowledge of the customers’ requirements, and a unique blend of individual skills and innovation. We believe that effective leadership does not simply focus on the outcome, rather the approach and methodology to achieve that result.  

Swiftships’ leaders have the obligation to constantly live by the principles we advocate, our ethics and values, to lead by example, respect diversity, protect the health and safety of the entire Swiftships team, community and environment in every decision we make. This culture of ethics is the foundation for every employee, ensuring that we all act with integrity, honesty and respect for our society and clients.

Longest Employment
Female Employed
Voluntary Turnover in Management Positions
Retired Military or Navy Officers
Increase of Employees 2021 vs 2020
Executive Management


Executive Vice President, Business Development

EVP Engineering (MENA)

Executive Vice President, Technical Services

Vice President, Iraq Operations

Business Development and Administration

Director, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

Director, Finance

Director, Proposals and Contracts

Director of Pricing & Estimation

Director, Business Development (MEA)

Corporate HR


Vice President, Engineering

Director, Engineering

Project Engineer, Material

Program Management

Director, KITS & Co-production

Director, FOTS & Warranty

Director, PMO

Production and Operations

Director, Operations

Director, Production

Director, Warehouse

Director, Quality Assurance & Controls

Director, Procurement

Sr. Product Support Manager

HSE Manager

Quality Control Inspector

Deputy Production Supervisor

Deputy Production Supervisor (Structural)

Leading with Passion To Break the Impossible

Since 1942, Swiftships has been led by many notable leaders who all shared the same philosophy to be at the forefront of creating the most innovative and advanced maritime solutions. From Fred Sewart, the founder of our predecessor Sewart Machine Works, to Calvin A. LeLeux, who built today’s foundational principles and opened new markets – Swiftships’ vision is to break the limits of what’s possible that we all reflect in our vessels, services and future navy solutions. To learn more about our history, click here.