Swiftships Team

At the heart of Swiftships are our employees. We work together as one team relying on our profound knowledge of the customers’ requirements, and a unique blend of individual skills and innovation. We believe that effective leadership does not simply focus on the outcome, rather the approach and methodology to achieve that result.  

Swiftships’ leaders have the obligation to constantly live by the principles we advocate, our ethics and values, to lead by example, respect diversity, protect the health and safety of the entire Swiftships team, community and environment in every decision we make. This culture of ethics is the foundation for every employee, ensuring that we all act with integrity, honesty and respect for our society and clients.

Longest Employment
Female Employed
Voluntary Turnover in Management Positions
Retired Military or Navy Officers
Increase of Employees 2021 vs 2020
Executive Management

Exc. Board Advisor


EVP Business Development & Strategy