Swiftships today is known as an industry leading innovator to introduce most advanced technology and system solutions. Our engineering teams combines those – the continuous product development and years of shipbuilding experience – to produce innovative though highly accurate and functional technical designs. One truly unique advantage we offer our clients is access over 103 hull designs with 23 variations where hulls have been converted from commercial to military hulls. These proprietary naval and commercial hulls designs have test data and most of these hulls are still in service for over 30+ years.

Swiftships Ultimate Advantage:
Why Our Designs?

•  Designs to lower total ownership cost (TOC) with most accurate and functional packages for production implementation;

•  Solutions from a US shipbuilder whose hulls have been tested in all seas and conditions;

•  Full in-house teams of naval architects, engineers, marine veterans, mechanics, and shipbuilders;

•  Engineering solutions focused on fuel economy and cost optimization, crew safety, and environmental conditions.

•  Innovation driven program team whose R&D developments and autonomous technologies are leading the unmanned industry;

•  Access to specialized experts and partners as required.

Our Integrated Offering

As a complete maritime platform, we offer a wide range of services and packages:

•  Procurement, material packages, and kits
•  Program management and supervision
•  Pipe fabrication and assembly
•  Metal fabrication
•  Electrical panels and assembly
•  Electronic and communication components 

Case Study: Swiftships Landing Craft to Increase in Government Spending Savings and Sustainability 

2018 NAVSEA contracted Swiftships to design and build an advanced LCU-1610 class landing craft. Our dedicated and experienced engineering teams presented LCU-1700, a class with extended functions and improved vessels characteristics. The similarity of these two classes made training simple and allowed for the greatest improvements in fuel economy and cargo capacity and decreases in personnel requirements.

New landing craft offers optimal comfort for crew members and are easy to operate. Advanced automated systems solutions allow make it safer to perform missions and require fewer personnel. The LCU-1700 class pairs effective technology and innovation, which Swiftships engineering teams are further extending by integrating autonomous systems for unmanned operations.

Engineering Solutions: Driven by R&D and Applied to Real World Challenges

Local Building is Easy With Swiftships

Our clients require different local construction solutions and various levels of cooperation. Swiftships is flexible and has explicit experience in different scenarios:

•  Licensing and Transfer of Technology (ToT)
•  Shipyard design and construction (in-country)
•  Kit of Material (KoM) package
•  Co-production assistance with SME’s
•  Project Management (PM) and Training support