Design and Engineering

Innovative Solutions Combined with
Expertise Gained through Generations


Design and Engineering

Innovative Solutions Combined with
Expertise Gained through Generations
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Swiftships offers access to over a hundred proprietary military and commercial vessels designs and test data with options to modification and adjustments. Swiftships’ engineers are expert in applying computer-aided design, engineering, and analysis methods across all technical disciplines involved in naval architecture. We use modern 3D digital tools for configuration auditing and management, optimization of availability and modernization planning. Our engineering teams combine continuous product development along with years of shipbuilding experience to produce innovative, highly accurate and functional technical designs.

Scope of expertise

Swiftships is offering a wide range of engineering services from preliminary designs to structural and functional engineering, development, and verification of complex platforms. Our solutions help ship owners to lower Total Ownership Cost (TOC) with the most accurate packages and reliable solutions for production implementation.  

Our solutions cover: 

  • New-build 
  • Conversions, Refits and Upgrades
  • System Integration 
  • Autonomous Solutions

Our works start with comprehensive identification of requirements and precise determination of scope; followed with associated work packages, test memoranda, estimated costs, required materials lists, and schedules, as well as any deficiency reports required under emergent or non-emergent types of services.

military Vessels designs

Swiftships’ portfolio includes over 70 vessels’ designs for military applications. Most of our platforms are tested by several world navies, military and security clients, and proven for high standards in quality and performance. One of the key elements to our success, is our flexibility in adapting solutions to meet client’s needs and missions requirements. We are focused on economical, high endurance, multi-functional and reliable solutions to support the needs of military and commercial clients around the world.

commercial platforms

Swiftships designs, engineers and builds commercial platforms up to 90 meters. Our commercial hull designs have a proven performance record, as many of them continue to remain in service for over 40 years.

As customers’ missions evolve toward unmanned missions, we have been working with our partners for modification and reconfiguration of commercial ship designs to semi-autonomous and autonomous vessels. We have developed many variants of our Fast Supply Vessels (FSVs), not only for autonomy, but also for minimally manned or remote operations of the craft.
Swiftships' unique advantage
Why Our Designs?
  • Solutions from the US shipbuilder whose hulls have been tested in all seas and conditions
  • Full in-house teams of naval architects, engineers, maritime veterans, mechanics, and shipbuilders
  • Engineering solutions focused on fuel economy, cost optimization, crew safety, and environmental protection
  • Innovation driven program team whose Research and Development (R&D) and autonomous solutions are recognized in the industry
  • Experience serving 52 nations and understanding of local requirements
  • Access to specialized experts and partners
Additional capabilities

As a complete maritime solutions provider, in addition to our main services, we offer:

  • Procurement, material packages, and kits
  • Program management and supervision
  • Pipe fabrication and assembly
  • Metal fabrication
  • Electrical panels and assembly
  • Electronic and communication components