March 7, 2024
Morgan City

Swiftships Secures New Award: US Dept. of Defense (DoD) selected Swiftships Swift-Sea-Stalker (S3), a Small Unmanned Surface Vehicles (sUSV)

Swiftships, a leading US-based provider of maritime solutions, has successfully developed its small Unmanned Surface Vehicle (sUSV), aka Swift-Sea-Stalker (S3), for the Office of Under Secretary of Defense (OUSD), Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), enhancing the US DoD’s “Replicator” Program capabilities.

“The delivery of these S3 USVs underscores our commitment to supporting the US Department of Defense and Allied Forces in enhancing their maritime security capabilities,” said Dr. Tim Carter, Group CEO. “These vessels represent the latest in unmanned surface vessel technology, providing unmatched versatility and efficiency in security operations.”

The S3 USVs are specifically designed for surveillance and interdiction missions, particularly in the challenging waterways of conflict regions around the world, including the Horn of Africa and South China regions. With the ability to operate remotely or autonomously, S3 offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in maritime operations.

Equipped with top-tier technology, the S3 USVs boast a remarkable top speed of over 30 knots with an effective range of 1,000 nautical miles and an impressive 40 hours of endurance. This ensures extended operational capabilities, enabling partner nations to monitor and respond to threats along their coastlines effectively.

Swiftships is proud to support the US DoD mission to safeguard its waters and protect vital maritime interests. The delivery of the S3 USVs represents a significant step forward in advancing future maritime security objectives.

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