Kenneth Blount (Ken)

EVP Business Development & Strategy

Since 2009, Ken has driven defense and aerospace strategy and business development roles by providing day-to-day foresight, industry expertise, operational leadership, and ethical stewardship to drive each division’s success in a highly US government-specialized and regulated sector.

He plays a pivotal role as Executive Board of Directors in a multifaceted organization, encompassing strategic leadership, decision-making, and operational oversight by setting the direction as the lead capture manager to bid and proposal teams, aligning it with client objectives that involve assessing market trends, identifying growth opportunities, and developing long-term strategies for business expansion and development.

As an industry expert and visionary, Ken provides technological advancements, geopolitical trends, and industry regulations by capitalizing on emerging opportunities and navigating market/competitive challenges as the Lead of Business Development and Partnerships teams. He further cultivates strategic partnerships and collaborations on all business opportunities by fostering relationships with government agencies, defense contractors, and partner stakeholders using his years of risk assessment and mitigation experience in compliance and regulatory standards and understanding risks.

Since 2009, Ken has overseen budget allocation, financial planning, and resource management for all projects, ensuring cost-effective strategies without compromising quality or safety. His claim to success has been ethical and Social Responsibility. Ken maintains the highest ethical standards and promotes corporate social responsibility initiatives by involving and maintaining ethical practices, promoting diversity, and contributing positively to society.