OTHER military vessels

Missile & Torpedo Retrievers
Coastal Mine Hunters
Rescue, Survey, Training and Other

Other Military Vessels

Missile Retrievers
Coastal Mine Hunters
Rescue, Survey
Training and Other
Over 50 Proprietary Military Designs

Swiftships understands the needs of different navies, governments, and law enforcement agencies for their operations around the world. Since our establishment we have provided navies with numerous customized solutions to serve their critical missions. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities. 

36 meter

Swiftships’ 36 Meter Missile Retriever is a quad screw diesel powered patrol vessel

35 meter

Built using state-of-the-art, high quality components with a 25-year life cycle

20 meter

Aluminum, twin-screw diesel-powered single chine vessel

Designs & Engineering
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Swiftships is an undisputed leader and industry innovator to introducing most advanced technologies and system solutions. Our engineering teams combine continuous product development along with years of shipbuilding experience to produce innovative, highly accurate and functional technical designs.

We offer our customers the unique advantage of accessing over 100 hull designs. These proprietary naval and commercial designs have a proven performance records, and are flexible for modifications as per client requirements.

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