Maintenance, Repair and
Overhaul (MRO)

We Keep Your Vessels Operational

Whether built by Swiftships or not, we help keeping vessels operational and extend their life of service. We have decades of experience providing all aspects of Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and Refit/Ship Modernization services for various types and sizes of ships, and we are the recognized service provider by the US Navy, NAVSEA and foreign navies helping them in managing their fleets.

Having the right mixture of skillsets at waterfront locations, trusted global partnerships and supplier networks, make Swiftships an efficient, cost-effective and reliable MRO support service provider. Being experienced with the most complex types of damage and/or vessel upgrade requirements, we provide solutions that resolve issues within very tight timeframes and budgets. Our MRO and Modernization services can be provided at our specialized shipyards or at the client’s location. Any ship… Anywhere… Anytime.


Swiftships offers a full range of reliable, fast and cost-effective maintenance packages including planned or predictive, preventative, corrective and continuous maintenance. Our expertise encompasses all aspects, from the ship’s exterior upgrades to the most complex machinery and electrical (HME), electronics, communication and navigation (COM/NAV), weapons systems and other systems for overhauls, servicing, upgrades and repairs. All works are conducted by our experienced MRO teams in the most time efficient manner to eliminate the risks of future failures.

During any planned maintenance, Swiftships assures to bring back the ship in the same working order as it was initially designed. We maintain all parts and systems of the ship to optimize performance and implement solutions to prevent major repairs in the future. We utilize our advanced technology and custom software to plan, manage, execute and record maintenance works. Our Planned Maintenance System (PMS) schedule development is in accordance with the industry’s best practices, where tracking PMS accomplishment and lessons learned are major components to the following types of maintenance:

In case of non-planned repair work required, Swiftships utilizes a Corrective Maintenance methodology. We thoroughly conduct testing of all equipment and mission systems and document the results.  We provide optimal repair solutions.

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Swiftships expertise, skillset and facilities allow us to undertake the most complex and emergent repairs including the repair or replacement of critical systems, machinery, heating and cooling systems, electrical, mechanical and weapon systems for military and commercial vessels. As we perfectly understand the importance to minimize vessels’ downtime, we have developed procedures and methodologies to expedite repair works and correct all issues, restoring vessel’s original mission capabilities, safety and reliability

Our designated teams immediately identify the cause of failure, organize the needed resources, prepare plans of action and repair the malfunction. The program managers will coordinate with the customer and the logistics team to provide potential shipyard assets needed to complete the repair and the issuance and/or ordering of parts needed to repair the issue. The PM will provide the customer with a schedule and periodic reports on the repair actions until all repairs are completed. All emergent repairs will be followed by comprehensive trials performed by our quality assurance teams to ensure that the affected systems are operating within the designated parameters.

Swifthsips’ technical teams will be responsible for identifying, planning, scheduling, managing, and documenting the various repair work actions in accordance with the applicable system and subsystem procedures provided by OEMs.

Refit and Modernization

Swiftships has been acknowledged as “setting the gold standard” for the best management techniques of Installation and Modernization practices. Years of experience in shipbuilding combined with innovative engineering solutions and world’s leading technology integration capability, allows us to undertake extremely complex refit and upgrade projects. We provide ship modernization to extend vessel’s mission capabilities, upgrade the equipment and systems with the latest technologies. Modernization of the vessel can also include implementing different levels of autonomy.


All Swifthips’ MRO and Refit services are supported with training packages that are designed to help the vessel’s operators reduce operational cost, enhance fleet readiness and crew safety. During training, we provide complete transfer of knowledge and technical skills related to management and planning, procurement of spare and repair parts, support and test equipment, publications and technical manuals, maintenance and operations, and engineering and logistics services.

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