Unmanned Surface Vehicle​
Surface & Expeditionary Warfare​
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Swift Sea-Stalker S3 is an Unmanned (Remote or Autonomous) Small Unmanned Surface Vehicle (sUSV) with high endurance, a robust aluminum hull, and a heavy-duty no. 2 diesel engine available in two different propulsion packages using Propeller and Water jet-based systems. It is compliant with NATO Standardization Agreements (STANAG) 4586 and the Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS) protocol. ​​

Key Features

Reliable Propulsion​
For enhanced speed, range, stability and endurance​
Multi-Mission Systems​
Integrated advanced ISR package, Built-in diagnostics and redundancy for exceptional reliability
Optimized Hull​
For reduced drag, improved stability and proven hull strength​
Integrated electronics / control system
For situational awareness and vessel control

Game Changing Capabilities

Technical Specification


20 Feet (6.1 Meter)​


6 feet (1.82 Meter)


6.6 Feet (1.98 Meter)​


400 Gallons (1514.16 Liters)


30 knots with Range of 1,000 NM​

  • Engines: Yanmar, 4LV230 rated at 230 HP [3800 RPM]
  • Propulsion: Hamilton Water Jet HJ-213​
  • Sensors: Radar/EO/GPS/AIS/Satellite Communication (COTS)
  • Autonomy: Capable [Swift or Client Specified]
  • Self-scuttling: No Capture by Adversaries Capability
  • RCA: Low Profile Vessel (LPV)\
  • Detection: Reduced Cross-section Area (RCA)
  • Transportable: ISO container (20’), Air/Helo or Sea
  • Payload: 1500lb Max with a 1000 +NM @ Cruising Speed
  • Radar: Solid-State w/Target Analyzer [Furuno DRS2DNXT]
  • AIS: Transceiver [Furuno FA70]
  • Compass: Satellite [Furuno SCX20]
  • Sonar: Multi-Beam [Furuno DFF3D]
  • Communication: High-Speed [KVH TracNet H30]
  • Cameras: Low-light, HD-Night Vision [FLIR M364C]
  • Hull: Rugged 5086 Marine Grade Aluminum
  • Sea-State(SS): Operate/Survive (3-4)
  • Equipment: All Systems except Autonomy is COTS
  • Production: Rapid Manufacturing Capability (15–20 craft/month)
  • Transportable: Deployable from Air/ Sea/Land
  • Maintainability: TOC minimal due to COTS Systems
  • Watertight: Hull cannot sink unless intentionally scuttled
  • Stability: High SS survivability with optional Outriggers

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