Values and Believes

Our core values are rooted in our culture, and guide the commitment, passion and dedication of each and every team member at Swiftships to achieve, succeed, grow and excel.  We live our core values and set the highest standards of ethical business conduct in everything we do.

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We fulfill our commitments to our clients by delivering the most demanding requirements, within their budget and in a timely manner. We are dedicated to providing the highest value to our clients and ensure maximum returns for all our stakeholders.
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We provide the highest quality of products and services, and we stand at the forefront of innovation and technological advancement. We are well prepared and positioned to satisfy the ever-growing criteria for our clients’ operational and missions' success.
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We constantly look for ways to redefine the new possible and deliver solutions that meet future challenges. We are determined to remain at the front of maritime technology development by adopting the newest trends. Swiftships leadership in advanced capabilities, such as autonomous platforms, is an affirmation of our continuous commitment to innovation and implementation of advanced solutions.
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With belief in our OneTeam approach, the sky is the limit for Swiftships and its team as we exceed our clients’ expectations, ensuring optimal performance and giving the highest value to our clients, partners and stakeholders.

Swiftships global business practices are built on values and code of conduct. As we operate globally, we follow applicable regulations, standards, and laws of the countries in which we have business. We set exemplary and responsible business practices by following all the principles supported by our policies and procedures. Swiftships and its employees maintain a high level of integrity and honesty throughout our business partnerships with clients and suppliers, and expect the same level of integrity and honesty in return.

Business Conduct Principles

At Swiftships, all our internal stakeholders, including the board of directors and employees, are accountable for their decisions and actions. We are transparent with our clients, stakeholders, and employees about the company’s and its subsidiaries’ activities and operations. We conduct our business activities in an honest, ethical, and respectful manner, with the aim to build long-term, mutual understanding and sustainable relationships with vendors and clients. We urge all stakeholders and suppliers affiliated with Swiftships to give proper regard to health, safety, and environmental laws and regulations as we aim for zero incidents vision.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Swiftships urges suppliers to adhere to the laws of their respective countries while doing business with Swiftships. Suppliers should conduct their activities in a communally responsible manner, commit to the health and safety of their employees, and comply with Swiftships’ safety policy.

Conflict of Interest

Swiftships cautions its employees to avoid conflicts of interest when working for Swiftships, and to not use confidential information for any personal benefit or profit. Swiftships protects its clients, suppliers, and employees’ records and does not disclose confidential information  outside the company and expects that they practice the same principals with similar vigor. It is the duty of every staff member to disclose any conflict of interest or any circumstances that might reasonably give rise to the perception of conflict of interest to the management.

Bribery and Anti-Corruption

Our FCPA policy applies, without exception, to all Swiftships affiliates and their employees worldwide. We regularly conduct internal audits. Swiftships employees are expected to conduct company business with integrity, honesty and fairness. All Swiftships employees, stakeholders, suppliers, and clients are expected to comply with this Policy and to follow Swiftships anti-bribery and corruption policy. Employees who refuse to take part in bribery or corruption, or report – in good faith under this policy – their suspicion that an actual or potential bribery or other corruption offence has taken place or may take place in the future, will be protected from detrimental treatment/retaliation.

Human Trafficking

Our mission and our values reflect an unwavering respect for human dignity and fundamental human rights. We condemn human rights abuses and support the United Nations (UN) Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We have a responsibility to respect human rights in the operation of our business, and we adhere to the UN framework to protect and respect human rights and to remedy human rights abuses. We also expect everyone with whom we conduct business to also respect human rights combat human trafficking.

Reporting and Corrective Actions

Swiftships expects employees to report their suspicions of infringement of the Swiftships Code of Conduct directly to their superiors. If desired, reports may be made anonymously, and will be handled confidentially. Swiftships prohibits any form of reprisal against employees that have made a report in good faith.

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