Warranty Support

Swiftships’ warranty support services are more than just “post warranty”. Our support staff offers comprehensive technical and hands-on training to our commercial and government clients anywhere, anytime.

With a continuously growing market, Swiftships realizes that in-country support to our customers is the most effective way to ensure quality maintenance, operation, training and technical support. Maintenance is effortlessly provided to clients by personnel specialized in Swiftships vessels.

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Swiftships gives its clients the personalized attention their Swiftships vessel deserves. We offer flexible price value points that save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars over the long term. Our maintenance and warranty engineers give their total commitment to your vessels and provide vendor updates to keep you, our client, aware of the evolving changes in technology. This simple, cost-effective investment is guaranteed to save our clients capital and much hardship.


The Iraqi Navy (IqN) is a prime example of Swiftships’ commitment to its clients. Formerly known as the ITSAM camp built by the U.S. Coalition Forces in 2009, the camp was given to Swiftships by the Iraq Ministry of Defense in response to Swiftships’ exemplary support in Iraq (co-partnered) with the United States Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) during the 35m Patrol Boat Program. The camp raised a Swiftships flag to commemorate the transition to what is now known as Camp Swift – Iraq and is now residence for hundreds of Swiftships employees and contractors in Iraq under Swiftships management.

The Swiftships team has stood by the IqN’s side in support during the trying situations currently facing the Iraqi government. We take pride in our team’s dedication and commitment to our customers and will continue to offer support programs anywhere, anytime.

“We have been working around the clock with NAVSEA PMS 326 to ensure the Iraqi Navy’s mission is kept at the highest order of preparedness, ensuring the tasks for the Iraqi Navy to keep its oil platforms safe.” – Shehraze Shah, CEO Swiftships.


Iraq’s Ministry of Defense has awarded Swiftships a sole-source contract for a multi-year maintenance support and repair program where Swiftships supervises the maintenance of all vessels operated by the IqN. Swiftships, the OEM for the 35m Patrol Boats operated by the IqN, now maintains the entire IqN fleet including: 62M Offshore Supply Vessels, various classes/sizes of patrol boats, and small security boats. Swiftships also manages the IqN ship repair facility, dry dock, all logistics and training under the defined scope of work.