December 9, 2023
Morgan City

Swiftships: LCU 2017 Mission-ready After Successful SLEP Program

Swiftships has completed its Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) for the U.S. Army Watercraft Sustainment Maintenance (AWSM) program of its LCU 2000 series craft. After successful trials, LCU 2017 is now ready to join its global missions.

This announcement follows the official commissioning of the Army’s LCU 2017, which successfully underwent a comprehensive SLEP scope. The vessel has been restored to a desired level of combat capability and has rejoined the U.S. Army fleet. Swiftships’ team of system engineers, production experts, and logisticians diligently achieved cost-effective measures and streamlined the refurbishment process for optimal efficiency.

Swiftships’ proven SLEP methodology, which incorporates On-Condition Cyclical Maintenance (OCCM) to ensure the comprehensive refurbishment of the vessel, has been successfully implemented on the commissioned LCU 2017. The scope of work included the replacement of propulsion engines, bow thruster engines, generators (including the emergency generator), electrical switchboards, and selected communication and navigation systems. Condition-based hull and superstructure repairs were also carried out. The completion of these tasks ensures that the vessel is now mission-ready and well-equipped to meet the rigorous demands of its operational environment.

Swiftships President, Jeff Leleux, emphasized, “We delivered comprehensive assistance to the U.S. Army, encompassing inspections and condition assessments, maintenance plan development, cost analysis, program management, and the successful execution of the Service Life Extension Program (SLEP).” Swiftships’ proven SLEP methodology resulted in significant savings and minimal vessel downtime.

The success of the program reflects the collaboration between Swiftships and Serco NA, as well as the thorough efforts of the U.S. Army Watercraft Inspection Branch (WIB) in ensuring the highest standards of inspection and assessment were maintained throughout the process.

Swiftships Program Manager, Eric Geibel, said “We express our sincere gratitude to all parties involved, including the dedicated men and women in uniform, for their steadfast support and collaborative efforts. Swiftships eagerly anticipates ongoing success in advancing maritime capabilities and remains committed to supporting the U.S. Army in its crucial missions worldwide.”

As we celebrate the commissioning of the LCU 2017, we remain dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions in shipbuilding and maintenance, ensuring that our clients receive vessels that not only meet but exceed their operational requirements.

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