As a leading marine platform integrator, we offer a complete portfolio of services from design/engineering, shipbuilding, unmanned, follow-on-technical services (FOTS), service life extension of platform (SLEP) and specialized training services to clients globally.

Swiftships unique transfer of technology (ToT), co-production via technology assist agreement (TAA), offering makes us a comprehensive solution provider for localization programs, where Swiftships offers highly flexible options from design licensing rights to full shipbuilding support with over hundred hulls and designs to choose from backed up by US Coast Guard and ABS test related data for client’s globally to achieve their sovereign capability.

Most recently we have added autonomy integration and systems consulting to our portfolio, as well as concept development, planning, and operational implementation. These Swifts Autonomy Systems (SAS) apply to both new-built and conversion projects.

We offer a unique advantage in naval architecture, as an innovation driven maritime solutions integrator with over seven decades of experience in shipbuilding. This lets Swiftships engineering teams reliably incorporate the newest technological trends with high-quality mission performance in the real world . Learn the solutions from a shipbuilder whose hulls have been tested and proven in all seas and conditions

Swifthips’ wide range of proven military and commercial platforms have served numerous governments worldwide. We offer services from building ship hulls and structural components, technical and warranty support to integrated logistics, repair and maintenance management. We are experienced in both direct commercial and foreign military sales. Benefit from one-source maritime solutions provider with full responsibility.

We started supporting co-production programs in the early 80s and have since established a global network of strategic operating locations and partnerships. Our advantage as a local building partner is broad capability and flexibility. We offer packages from design licensing and technology transfer to full assistance for building the most modern shipyards. We work with our clients to make local building easy.

Swiftships is a pioneer in developing reliable, effective, and highly applicable solutions for automation. Our capabilities range from building fully autonomous vessels to converting existing vessels into autonomous or unmanned platforms, integrating artificial intelligence, providing launch and recovery platforms and more. Swiftships Autonomy Systems is a dedicated team that support clients from consultancy to vessel building.

The original Swiftships Academy grew out of a need for skilled craftsmen and has grown into a solid organization that provides specialized trainings covering programs in the U.S. and at the client’s location. Swiftships Academy unites academic and industry partners, and all programs are specially designed for the client’s requirements. We also offer customers housing, transportation, translation and other support services.

We have decades of experience managing life-cycle support programs and a number of global references for ship repair and conversion. Our follow-on-technical efforts have earned the highest rating from NAVSEA and we are one of the few shipyards worldwide that manages an entire fleet for a foreign government. Our approach to each case is based on an initial assessment followed by maintenance, repair and refit/conversion. 

Take Advantage of Benchmarked R&D Developments and Innovation

At Swiftships, we consider the future in everything we do. Unlike other companies, we integrate our R&D programs into our clients’ requirements. We have invested tremendous time and resources and teamed up with global providers and leaders in advanced defense solutions and engineering. We make our knowledge, capabilities, and partnerships available to our clients whether they require enhanced hydromechanics, unique automation, or the most advanced systems to reduce risks stemming from human factors.

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Benefit From Our Global Networks and Partnerships

Over seven decades in the shipbuilding industry we have served 52 foreign governments and established hundreds of long-term collaborations with trusted suppliers and contractors. Our operational locations are built strategically: the main shipbuilding facilities, RnD&Innovation Centers and Swifts Training Academy are located in the United States, a co-production facility in Egypt, and well-established infrastructure in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the Middle East with regional office in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These serve as examples of Swiftships’ ability to manage supply chain, processes, and vessels or services delivery to any continent or location in the world.

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