75 Meter Swift Corvette

Swiftships’ 75m Swift Corvette is an all welded aluminum or steel vessel built in accordance to A.B.S regulations. This proven hull and platform based control package can provide the intelligence and reconnaissance to out-class the weapons and/or strategy of threats in many domains of maritime warfare. It is a highly versatile ship, designed to operate in all environments and meet 21st century challenges of conventional as well as asymmetric warfare. It has anti-air and anti-surface missiles, medium and small caliber accurate guns with high rate of fire and has the capability of carrying a multirole helicopter and/or UAV. High speed launching wells can launch multiple fast RHIB boats for a variety of operations e.g. Force Protection, VBSS & SOF operations, patrol/security of on/off shore facilities. The Combat Management System can be configured for a variety of missions. Operational capability up to Sea State 6. Specifications can be modified in accordance to the operator’s preferences and needs.


  • Main Engines: Four (4) MTU/DD 20V4000

  • Propulsor: Four (4) waterjets or propellers

  • Generators: Three (3) 300 kW generators

  • Bow thruster (1)




  • 3D Air Search Radar

  • ESM

  • E/O Director

  • IRST

  • Data Link (software)


  • Main gun: 76mm (OTO)

  • Secondary guns: 30mm (2)

  • SSM: Harpoon/Exocet/Marté/Griffin


  • Decoy launcher

  • Mk 93 50 cal. (2) mounts w/ MK16 tripods


  • Fully Integrated Bridge System (IBS)

  • Advanced navigation system

  • Int/Ext comms

  • Navigation radars (X & S)

  • Autopilot

  • AIS

  • HF/SSB tactical radios (2)

  • VHF/UHF radio transceivers (2)

  • Intercom system

  • Sound powered phone system



  • IRIS-based bridge, magazine access, and engine start-up

  • Helo storage under Telescopic hanger

  • Armored bridge & windows (NIJ-Level III)

  • Scan Eagle UAV launch, control, recovery

  • Two (2) 7m RHIBs – Rear deployment


  • Surface Vessel Torpedo Tube (SVTT)

  • Slim Line Towed Array (SLTA)

  • Hull Mounted Sonar (HMS)

LOA 246 feet (75 meters)
Beam 36 feet 6 inches (9.8 meters)
Fuel Capacity 71,450 gallons (267,223 liters)
Potable Water 20 tons
Range 15 knots (4,000 n.m.)
Maximum Speed 30 knots
Endurance 25 days
Complement Up to 60 officers and enlisted