fast patrol vessels

Proprietary Designs & Tested Hulls
Excellent Stability and Performance
Multiple Role Capabilities
Swift, Efficient and Effective

Fast Patrol Vessels

Proprietary Designs&Tested Hulls
Swift, Efficient and Effective
Multiple Role Capabilities
The World's Most Demanded Fast Patrols

Swiftships Fast Patrol boats are multipurpose, functional, and quick response surface vessels, with speed over 45 knots. These platforms have been the primary option for a number of navies and government agencies around the world. The combination of capabilities, such as high level of functionality, optimal speed, maneuverability, proven hulls and a sophisticated command and weapon systems, make this vessel an optimal platform for value and performance.

45 meter

Built using state-of-the-art, high quality components with a 25-year life cycle

35 meter

Modern, robust and efficient FPV with the best operational capability in any sea conditions

26 meter

Perfectly designed to contain and conquer almost any aerial and underwater threats

Equipment and Systems