Swiftships’ training programs are customized for each client. Our approach emphasizes integration and sustainability as part of a long-term collaboration for ultimate advantage. Our clients develop the knowledge and skills to reduce operational costs, manage risks, and extend the life cycle of their vessels. Swiftships’ training programs combine theoretical learning, hands-on practice, and the use of simulators. When training foreign visitors, we also offer personnel support services.

Discover Swiftships Training Programs


Training is conducted by experts and covers:
  Technical and Operational Skills
  Shipbuilding and Maintenance
  Sea-trials and Simulations
  Electronics and Mechanics
  Safety and more


Swiftships realized long ago that in-country training is the most effective way to ensure quality maintenance and operational and technical success. Our training programs range from skills development for craftsmen to education for the client’s managers. In fact, during localization programs Swiftships provides day-to-day management supervision and mentoring.


In certain cases, we extend our programs to include specialized courses in training institutes or partners’ facilities. We offer R&D and innovation related training programs, as well as technology updates to share our increasing expertise in autonomous and unmanned platforms. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and new developments with the people we work with.

Swiftships Academy

Many craftsmen have begun their careers at the Swiftships Academy. The welding academy is a 6-8 week course in which potential Swiftships welders are trained in aluminum Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding. Upon entering the course, students receive a salary based on their skill level. After successfully completing the academy and attaining U.S. Coast Guard certification, students have the opportunity to join the Swiftships team as leaders in production of some of the world’s finest naval ships.

Opportunities exist for:

  Individuals who have completed a two year welding course.

  Welders who have a few months to a year of aluminum welding experience.

For more information please contact Human Resources at or call 985-380-8286. To explore other career opportunities with Swiftships click here.

Personnel Support Services

Swiftships is offering unique packages of U.S. based extended training programs. Our PSS team includes program managers and logistics experts in the field of hospitality and events management. Swiftships’ diverse personnel can understand and exceed our customers’ cultural expectations and requirements. We can offer custom design support services packages that include:

  Housing and Transportation
  Translation (in person and 24/7 call center support)
  VIP events and workshops
  Program Management and Reporting
  Local on-boarding and training
  Performance assessment