Efficient, Stealthy and Proven High Speed Craft

Extreme Endurance and High Speed
Minimal Signature
Proven Hull


Swift 35 Feet PMW is built on Swiftships’ 80+ years of experience providing robust, reliable small craft for near-shore and riverine operations in austere environments.  PMW is a USMC proven platform, built to operate in tropical regions with assured top performance in sustained ambient air temperatures over 100° Fahrenheit.

The PMW platform is designed to conduct littoral / distributed operations and is capable of performing reconnaissance, sensing, tactical maneuver, and logistics support in the maritime domain, in both international deep blue waters and coastal/riverine zones. The PMW is a revolutionary platform due to its extreme endurance, speed, minimal signature, ability to support manned/unmanned assets (+100-200 nodes via 5G.MIL® Lockheed’s Martin), and affordability.


Key Features

45+ Knots
with range of 410nm
Shallow Waters and High Seas
with performance in open water up to Sea State 2, with survivability up to Sea State 4
520 NM Range
@35+ knots and 15 hours endurance
5G Situational Awareness
5G.MIL® Lockheed's Martin solution to enable JADC2 and JADO
Low Observability
limited signature for reduced radar cross-section detection
Cost Effective
low maintenance and easiness to transport

Efficient, Stealthy and Proven

Technical Specification


35 Feet (10.67 Meter)


8.1 Feet (2.47 Meter)


1.7 Feet (0.52 Meter)


45+ knots


450 Gallons (1703 Liters)

  •  @ 35 knots – 520 NM
    [Endurance 15 hours]
  • @ 45 knots – 410 NM
    [Endurance 9 hours]

16,000 lbs.


4 Crew (plus 15 Troops)

  • Engines: Two (2) Fiat (FPT 67-550)
    @ 480MHP 3200 RPM
  • Propulsion: Two (2) Hamilton WJ
    (Model HJX27) @ 353 kW and
    2990 rpm
  • Electronics – Furuno NAVNET system
    (chart plotter/radar/fathometer/GPS)
  • FLIR EO/IR night vision camera
    system (optional)
  • 5G situational awareness
    communication system –
    Lockheed Martin (optional)
  • Autonomous integration – L3H
  • Magnetic compass – Ritchie
  • Communications:
    – VHF/SSB (optional)
    – Tactical radios and Satellite
    communications (optional)
  • Twin 50 Cal [M2HB] machine gun
    w/revolving tubs (Fwd & Aft)
  • 6 x AR 15/AR 10 mounts (3 port/3 stbd)
    crew served weapons
  • One (1) 40mm MK-19 grenade launcher
  • Ballistic protection NIJ level 3
  • CROWS weapon system
  • HERO 120 UAV strike system

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