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Proven Platforms and System Integration Expertise

Swiftships is the industry’s leader in innovation and manufacturing of highly specialized unmanned, minimally manned or remotely controlled surface vessels. We believe that autonomous vessels are the future of modern naval warfare, offering critical defense capabilities, increasing the level of security in maritime infrastructures across the globe and reducing risking human risk.  In collaboration with the industry’s technology leaders, we continuously develop new solutions for autonomy integration, unmanned surface vessels design, and we constantly improve our construction and conversion methods.  

We are pioneers in multiple disciplines in shipbuilding and systems integration. As early as 2015, we collaborated with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL) in developing a partially manned/remote-controlled system, aka Anaconda (AN-2). The vessel was designed for brown water and near-coast missions with lethal capability, while eliminating the threat of harming the vessel’s crew during battle’s scenarios.

Swiftships name became central to conversations around Unmanned Autonomous Vessels (UAV) since the US Navy’s 2018 selection of the Swiftships’ Riley Claire – a 175 feet Fast Supply Vessel (FSV) – for transformation into a Large Unmanned Surface Vessel (LUSV), named “Nomad”. Nomad became the first unmanned vessel of its kind added to Unmanned Surface Vessel Division One (USVDIV-1) and it has been thoroughly tested during autonomous missions. 

Design and Build

Swiftships has been designing and manufacturing highly specialized military surface vessels for over 80 years. We have outpaced our competition by developing solutions for small, medium, and large Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs) that combine power, speed, stealth, mobility, ease of deployment, and mission readiness. 

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Platform Conversion

We offer platform conversion and system integration services for our clients who seek to acquire reliable and proven militarized unmanned or minimally manned vessels. Some of our platforms are already tested for autonomous missions, including formerly a fast supply vessel called Riley Claire (aka Nomad). We provide our clients multiple configuration options, and our engineering teams work in providing the most suitable solution based on the individual missions.

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System Integration and Technology

Swiftships is expert in understanding the requirements and complexity of autonomous vessel’s functionality and systems. We offer proven autonomous systems integration: physical, electrical, and data interfaces between payloads and the platform, payload launch and recovery systems complimentary to USV capabilities and development. In addition, to the platform, Swiftships offers a full suite of services: cybersecurity, engineering, product support, and payload and weapons systems integration.

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Case Study

Download case study and learn more about our work. 

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