Scott Ordoyne

Deputy Facilities Manager

Scott Ordoyne is a highly experienced Swiftships veteran with 24 years of dedicated service in the oilfield and shipyard, with 4 of those years spent at Swiftships. In his role overseeing maintenance and repair activities, Scott ensures the smooth functioning of shipbuilding infrastructure, equipment, and machinery. He focuses on facility and equipment maintenance, supervising the upkeep of buildings, workshops, and specialized machinery, while implementing preventive maintenance programs to minimize downtime and improve reliability.

Scott has served as a supervisor for 18 years, overseeing the completion of tasks and assisting crews in performing job tasks safely. With a background in oilfield safety, he implements shipyard safety practices in all tasks, maintaining a mentality that “No job is so important that the safety of employees, the environment, or equipment will be compromised.” Scott also serves as a mentor to other employees, sharing the knowledge he has obtained throughout his career to improve the quality of skilled work and displaying a willingness to continue learning.

Adhering to strict safety standards, Scott troubleshoots and coordinates repairs to promptly address equipment malfunctions, prioritizing urgent needs to minimize disruptions to shipbuilding operations. Effective management of spare parts inventory and meticulous documentation of maintenance activities are among Scott’s key responsibilities, demonstrating a commitment to efficiency and reliability. With Scott’s expertise and dedication, Swiftships benefits from efficient maintenance management, minimized downtime, and a productive shipbuilding environment.