Corporate Sustainability

Swiftships strategy, decision-making and control processes are built on our corporate sustainability principles, in order to increase stakeholders’ value, cultivate a responsible, accountable and transparent culture, and mostly, to ensure that our products and services are safe and secure. Our corporate sustainability approach is built on five pillars that play a key role in Swiftships success and operational excellence.


We acknowledge that our activities impact the environment and the climate change challenges. We are committed to improving our operations, products and services to minimize pollution and preserve energy. We continuously advance our vessels’ designs to be lighter and more efficient, and we set the standards to minimize waste and use raw material with maximum efficiency. 

Vessels' Performance-Focused R&D

From lighter and more efficient designs, to improved propulsion system and underwater noise reduction, we work with our partners to minimize carbon footprint, pollution and negative environmental impact of our products.

Zero Accidents

Our operational practices are designed with the highest standards for safety. Due to the diligence and responsibility of Swiftships employees, there has been no reports of hazards and/or accidents related to our operations or products reported in the last two decades. 

Facilities and Operations

We emphasize to minimize production wastage and automate our facilities’ energy management. We focus on conserving natural resources and raw material usage by implementing vigorous control systems. 

Collaboration and Involvement

Positive environmental impact are maximized when the community of business partners share common goals. Swiftships works together with its suppliers, vendors and communities in synergy to create a better tomorrow.

Health and Safety

Swiftships cares for its employees; we make it our mission to ensure they work in a safe and healthy environment. We never compromise the health and safety of our employees, clients and community.

Aiming for Zero Incidents

Safety is paramount, especially given the nature of our work. Our safety practices have been instrumental in reducing injuries. We have a minimal record of minor accidents due to efficient safety management systems and continuous training. We have in place a vigorous reporting system, and we continuously review and improve our standards and operating procedures.

Creating Safety Culture

We comply with government regulations and have set Internal Risk Governance and Incident Prevention programs. We lead by example, and create awareness for safe operations, health protection practices and discipline.

Personal Health Protection

People are Swiftships’ main priority, and we ensure that our employees’ wellbeing is put first, by providing good working conditions, healthy environment and healthcare support.

Safe Environment

We maintain and upgrade our facilities, equipment and tools to ensure our employees’ safety, and drive performance and productivity. All our employees are trained for instant reporting of any discrepancies or threats.

People and Talents

Swiftships provides its employees with a safe and environmentally friendly working atmosphere. Our people are the core of our business, and their wellbeing is  crucial to our continued success. 

OneTeam Approach

Swiftships operates as OneTeam with common goals. Our OneTeam approach ensures that all employees are treated equally, and with the utmost respect. We believe in a happier work environment that gives each one a greater sense of belonging, recognition, and loyalty to our company.

Talent Development

We attract, develop and retain world-class talents. We believe in our employees’ professional and personal growth, and we support people’s dreams by inspiring leadership, peers’ support and numerous training and educational programs for our entire team. 

Equal Opportunities

Swiftships believes in equal opportunities. Swiftships does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, nationality, or personal believes. The diversity of our team is our strength and growth driver.

No Workplace Violence

Swiftships is committed to providing a safe workplace free from violence. Swiftships will not tolerate any form of ferocity at the workplace by or against an employee, contractor, customer or visitor. We also have zero tolerance for drug use.

Community Support

We strive to support our communities’ needs, and we dedicate time, talent, expertise and funding to transform our communities into stronger, safer and more prosperous places.

Focus On Local Community

Our main focus, wherever we operate, is to support local workforce and create positive socio-economic impact. We believe in local talent, and we strive to create strong economies and knowledgeable societies.

Industrial Acceleration

Our activities require partnerships with other businesses, research institutions and governments. Through our innovation and technological advancement, we create positive impact at a large scale and drive product development.

Critical Engagement

We place our selves as a reliable partner, and we step up first in supporting communities during natural disaster or other casualties. We help communities to recover during hard times by opening our facilities, giving employment opportunities or making a financial contribution.

Supporting Local Authorities

We respect the leadership and government’s vision of the areas where we operate. We align our activities to support economic, social and environmental development.

Value for Stakeholders

By delivering value to all our stakeholders, we contribute to global sustainable growth and enhance our corporate values. 

Shareholders Interest Protection

Swiftships management is committed to optimize profitability through operational effectiveness and business growth. We practice transparent and accurate reporting system to protect our investors interest.

Industry Collaboration

We are dedicated to innovation and advancement of maritime industry. We are actively involved in co-development programs with our clients, suppliers, research institutes and universities.

Protection of Intellectual Property

Swiftships policies and procedures are created to protect our own, clients and suppliers’ intellectual property and confidential information. We heavily invest in cybersecurity and comply to audit requirements.

Fair Practice

We drive fair procurement and sourcing practices, and we give equal competitive advantage to all manufacturers, vendors and service providers. Our practices are driven by our Supplier Codes of Conduct and Anti-Bribery Policies.

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