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Swiftships BOT Program Helps to
Enhance Egyptian Industrial Base
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Swiftships work closely with clients during the localization program and provides end-to-end support to ensure our customers reach their goals. We have extensive experience working with international clients, and we are very familiar with ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) requirements and processes for Transfer of Technology (ToT), Transfer of Production (ToP), Program Management (PM) and Specialized Training for Transfer of Knowledge (ToK).

Partnership that led to the Success story

Swiftships’ relationship with the Egyptian Navy started in the nineties with FMS contracts. Based on mutual trust and historical performance, the Egyptian Navy (EN) asked Swiftships to support its requirement to build their vessels in-country.

Swiftships upgraded the EN’s military shipbuilding capability in two ways. It used Transfer of Technology (ToT) to co-produce vessels under the U.S. Navy program of record in Egypt for the EN. It also used Transfer of Production (ToP) to train the local naval-commercial shipyard to produce ships with the same quality as the US yards.

Swiftships prepared full feasibility studies and executional plans. We licensed our 28m Coastal Patrol Craft (CPC) designs, and transferred technology using Manufacturing License Agreement (MLA) approved by DDTC 2. We delivered kits under our ToP program and provided Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to transfer knowledge to co-produce CPCs in Egypt. A number of Swiftships SMEs and Quality Assurance personnel stayed in Egypt to implement design, inventory, and quality control, and to offer training in accordance with Trade Assistance Agreement (TAA).


Maritime Infrastructure Development in Egypt
Swiftships assisted in building, modernizing and furnishing over 5.5 acres of office space, five production bays, two syncrolifts, and a dry port, enabling the Egyptian Shipyard to build steel and aluminum vessels and repair ships of up to 70 meters. Among its features are a mechanical slipway, floating dock and cranes, and advanced paint systems.

Swiftships co-produced 15 CPCs by 2019 in accordance with the U.S. Navy’s High Speed Naval Craft (HSNC) rules at the Egyptian Shipyard. We trained 500 Egyptian workers to construct and maintain vessels to meet the EN’s critical mission requirements.


Swiftships’ Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) program offering has enhanced the Egyptian shipbuilding industry and increased localization by augmenting the previous industrial base to five times the size.

The Swiftships-EN relationship is further progressing and the EN is pursuing several expansion plans. Swiftships constantly supports the EN with required technical and management training, provides access to the emerging technology and system upgrades.

customized packages and dedicated support
Designs, Technology &
Production Readiness

Our licensing options give licensee access to Swiftships’ portfolio that includes over 100 proprietary designs and test data packages for naval and commercial platforms. Having extensive experience in ToT/ToP practices, we provide our clients capability to build the same quality vessels at their location. We assist our clients in establishing production readiness by providing specialty equipment and systems, transfer of special types of manufacturing and shipbuilding materials, Kit of Material (KoM) packages, electronics and communication equipment, and components. We share Swiftships’ proprietary quality management and process control systems, calibration and control standards, sampling and testing programs.

Training Programs

Swifthips has developed the best practices for knowledge transfer through specialized training programs for management and workforce, including:

  • USA based shipbuilding and kit assembly training
  • Hands-on co-production support at the client’s location
  • In-class room instructor-led training
  • On-the-job mentoring and microlearning 
  • Simulator-based training
  • Fleet management and maintenance
Program Management &
Operations Support

Our program management scope includes program feasibility study, planning, implementation and day-to-day management. Our methods are focused on knowledge and technology transfer to develop local production capability in the most efficient way and roll-out local production successfully. We provide a comprehensive planning of the entire program and ensure full execution in the agreed time frame. 

Swiftships provides clients a comprehensive list of international suppliers. We help our clients evaluate and select the optimal providers, build sustainable supply chain, efficient inventory management system and manufacturing process systems.