Product Support Manager


In this role, you will lead the Product Support and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) efforts included in large projects of significant scope. Your ability to work independently with limited direction, communicate effectively with team members in disparate geographic locations, and to provide leadership and direction will be keys to your success. You will participate with operation teams, foremen, and management teams. As a single point of contact between operations and management teams, you will negotiate, resolve problems, and develop relationships at all levels of the organization as well as with outside vendors and contractors.

The Product Support Manager’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI) may include but not be limited to:

  • Managing tasks and personnel to create an effective technical team to resolve all elements of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) as recognized by the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)
  • Planning and executing all ILS elements during system design, production and deployment of the vessel
  • Serving as the sole focal point for all matters regarding ILS towards the customer as well as within the internal program functions and to subcontractors providing ILS support functions
  • Managing all aspects of any subcontractor providing ILS element or Product Support functions
  • Working closely with the Engineering and Purchasing Departments in the identification and sourcing of supportable equipment for installation on the vessel
  • Working closely with the Engineering Department in the identification of all technical documentation required for the operation and maintenance of equipment identified or at a minimum, all Technical Data Package (TDP) documents required by the contract
  • Working closely with the Procurement Department to ensure all technical documentation required from vendors to support the equipment procured is identified on the respective Purchase Orders (PO)
  • Managing the program contract support concept and develop and execute the ILS plan and milestones delineated
  • Interfacing with senior Department of Defense (DOD) civilian and military personnel
  • Clearly documenting and presenting findings to include creation of diagrams and procedure documentation
  • Communicating effectively with a wide variety of technical and non-technical audiences
  • Identifying, analyzing and defining program requirements and scope
  • Defining, acquiring, and allocating staff and other resources necessary to accomplish the goals and objectives of the program
  • Participating in the identification of all Product Support or ILS tasks and working with the Master Scheduler for inclusion in the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)
  • Identifying and managing the Product Support and ILS product deliverable critical path
  • Directly participating in the development of project plans, including testing, and warranty support
  • Providing leadership with other technical teams in the expansion and continuous improvement of operations and on-time and on budget milestone delivery
  • Identifying and resolving issues and conflicts within the Product Support and ILS team
  • Conducting technical research for outdated or hard-to-obtain materials utilizing Internet and technical publications, as required, to identify and source required material
  • Proactively managing changes in project scope through identifying issues and devise contingency plans
  • Developing periodic, e.g. daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly internal and external reviews and reports as required by the contract and as directed by the Program Manager
  • Capability of reviewing proposals received from vendors to see if all specifications and requirements for Vendor Furnished Information (VFI) are met
  • Constantly work with vendors to ensure VFI is furnished in a timely and completed fashion



  • Strong oral and written communication skills and a proven ability to influence others internally and externally
  • Hands-on experience in working Acquisition program areas with the US Navy
  • Possess a high-level understanding of core concepts of shipbuilding and ship repair (all-phases)
  • Ability to escalate problems for any technical support needed for resolution of problems
  • Proficient in managing all aspects of supply support, maintenance, technical documentation and training tasks
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a fast-paced, ambitious environment while prioritizing and managing multiple responsibilities
  • Ability to successfully facilitate collaboration across multiple functions, departments and levels and serve as a role model for teamwork
  • Proficiency with MS Office and other project management tools as well as basic MS Office









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Swiftships is trusted to provide high-end solutions critical to multi-domain distributed maritime operations, well aligned with future U.S. Navy and Department of Defense modernization and readiness priorities. With experience in all aspects of engineering, and shipbuilding and with the ability to provide maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for different vessel types, Swiftships stands as a complete solution provider to the client.

Since our establishment in 1942, Swiftships was known in the market for bringing innovative and effective solutions to offer end-to-end shipbuilding, testing and delivery services for new vessels, complemented by hands-on training and vessel lifecycle sustainment support. Our clients’ book includes Navies and Maritime customers from 53 countries. Our current geographical focus is North America and AMEA, and we predominantly serve the Department of Defense, Navies and Army operations, as a prime or sub.




Full Time


Morgan City, LA.


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