Superior engineering, modern design and state-of-the-art technology are the foundation of what distinguishes a Swiftships vessel.

The Engineering Department at Swiftships produces technical designs to international specifications and standards – American Bureau of Shipping, United States Coast Guard, Mil-Standard, inter alia. State-of-the-art CAE and CAD systems are among the many design tools employed to create functional design models for all watercraft. When necessary, some facets of engineering are outsourced to design experts with particular specialties for individual project requirements.

With over seven decades of production, the varied Swiftships hulls still in service to this day serve as a testament to the longevity and excellence of the Swiftships engineering design team.

At Swiftships, we apply our modular engineering and construction expertise to a diverse range of projects for clients engaged in the upstream and downstream sectors of the petrochemical industry. With our world-class engineering team, Swiftships pre-fabricates modules that are ship-able and installed either fully assembled in the field or in kits to be built by clients in any part of the world.

Our integrated capabilities include:

  • Procurement
  • Program management
  • Design and construction
  • Pipe fabrication and assembly
  • Metal fabrication
  • Electrical panels and assembly
  • Electronics and communication component packaging co-production