Swiftships offers its international clients the opportunity to build their own vessels under the Co-Production Program

Co-Production, also known as Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT), allows Swiftships to share shipbuilding knowledge and transfer technology with qualifying nations. A Co-Production agreement can be implemented whether the customer is using Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) or Foreign Military Funds (FMF) to acquire its vessels and service requirements.

The benefits of Co-Production include modernization of the host country’s infrastructure, shipyards, and employment of its workforce. With Swiftships’ 100+ proprietary designs coupled with the growing demand for its vessels across the globe, a co-production partnership can produce positive results within the first 3 years.

Additional benefits of Co-Production projects are:

  • Development of closer bonds between operators and Swiftships that allows for better understanding of localized problems that can be resolved quickly.
  • An enhanced ability to relate with various suppliers to address complex aspects such as systems integration, design-engineering, training, and operation.
  • Personal assistance in obtaining approval through the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) approval process.

Co-Production is currently ongoing in Egypt with the Egyptian Navy (EN) and has the capacity of building up to thirty Patrol Craft in a period of seven years. The shipyard in Egypt was replicated to Swiftships’ ISO standards by the company’s own Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) specializing in shipbuilding and ship repair.  The work is performed by local labor under direct Swiftships-trained Egyptian supervisors and SME’s.  The Co-Production program allows the EN to train their craftsmen at the Swiftships Academy in Morgan City, Louisiana to gain in-depth knowledge of the capabilities and quality of the product, while enforcing product quality and management.