Newbuild and coproduction

Shipbuilding since 1942
Shipbuilding and deployment

Select from over 100 proprietary proven military and commercial hulls and get your vessel built in our locations. 

Design & Engineering

Swiftships offers a unique advantage in naval architecture. We have over seven decades of experience in shipbuilding combined with innovative solutions. Swiftships engineering teams reliably incorporate the newest technological trends with high-quality mission performance, in the real operating environments. 


Shipbuilding has been our core business and since 1942 with over 1000 hulls built. We offer vessels of up to ninety meters. These are made of aluminum, steel, or a combination of both. We are the market leader in efficiency, system integration, and multi-mission functions. 

Integrated Logistics

ILS services include warehouse management, performance based logistics, manpower analysis, risk management, and more. Swiftships’ supply chain management solutions have helped many clients drastically reduce their costs and delivery time, investments and achieve optimal results.

technical cooperation

Want your vessels to be built in your location? Sure, we can help you with that goal. Swiftships has extensive experience working with international clients in local building programs with various degrees of involvement. 


We started supporting co-production programs in the early 1980’ and have since established a global network of strategic operating locations and partnerships. Our advantage, as a local building partner, is a broad capability and flexibility from co-production to design, licensing and transfer of technology.

Swiftships offers its innovative and cost-effective approach to the development of maritime infrastructure. We share our expertise as a shipbuilding company and deliver the most effective and advanced solutions for shipyard design, docks, logistics, training facilities, and digitization.