Swiftships is highly recognized as a leader in innovation within the shipbuilding industry, reflected in our proprietary designs, services, systems, advanced autonomy solutions integration, and the way we manage our entire business. We direct our R&D investments based on global defense and maritime industries evolution, and we listen to our clients and stakeholders deeply.

It is essential to apply the newest and the most effective technology and systems to our vessels, services and all aspects of business. Swiftships’ Innovation leads the industry in dynamic and continuous R&D developments and integration.

Swiftships’ Dynamically Continuous Innovation

Dynamic thinking saves time and increases effectiveness. We invest in fields in need of innovative solutions where our investment will have the biggest impact. Today’s technology, artificial intelligence solutions, and robotics are progressing hourly and the shipbuilding industry must act to stay relevant in this dynamic environment. Swift response and maneuverability are not just a characteristics of our vessels—they are the way we do business.

Swiftships never gives up on creating innovative solutions to achieve our clients’ goals. We make it our mission to give a vital advantage to the clients. We believe that to create value for all the stakeholders we must develop and integrate new technology, systems, and process management. If during the Vietnam War our achievement was to increase navigation by Swift Patrol Boats, giving the ultimate advantage to the US Navy at the time, today we must protect our clients’ missions in far more complex environments, all the while being mindful of financial restrains.

Collaboration With Industry Partners is Essential

Swiftships’ R&D programs unite the leading technology, system developers, equipment and parts suppliers, and advanced technology research institutes and universities.  Only by working as a team and combining our unique skills and expertise can we develop new valuable ideas and innovation.

Discover Some of Our R&D Programs and Innovation Directions


We are experts in using aluminum to create light-weight but strong vessel structures. We use fusion welding to join steel and aluminum, a unique technique that has resulted in time-tested hulls.


Our proprietary V-hull designs and perfected lifting spray chines allow vessels to go faster with less horsepower while they reduce rolling. Designs feature aerodynamic profiles and make our vessels more maneuverable than the competition.


We optimize and integrate motion control, integrated management systems, sensors, and navigation so we need fewer crew members and can mount a faster response more safely.


A few key areas include advanced hydromechanics and propulsion systems, launching platforms and wells, motion control, and weapon systems. All are employed to increase seakeeping, maneuverability and speed, noise and vibration control while providing the most efficient operations and smallest environmental impact.


Because autonomy is a key element of navy fleets in the future, we continuously develop new solutions for autonomy integration, unmanned surface vessels design and construction, and conversion.

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Swiftships believes that digitalization has become the future of the shipbuilding industry. We already command elements of automation, AL, and digital capabilities applied in our day-to-day operations, services, and products. We are continuously working on fully integrating and extending digital applications to further increase our quality and decrease lead times and costs.

Case Study: Smart Changes, Big Impact

Learn How Swiftships Innovative Solutions Improved the U.S. Navy’s Landing Craft

2018 NAVSEA contracted Swiftships to design and build advanced several LCU-1610 class landing craft. Our dedicated and experienced engineering teams presented LCU-1700, a class with extended functions and improved vessels characteristics. The similarity of these two classes made training simple and allowed for the greatest improvements in fuel economy and cargo capacity and decreases in personnel requirements.

The new landing craft offers optimal comfort for crew members and are easy to operate. Advanced automated systems solutions allow make it safer to perform missions and require fewer personnel. The LCU-1700 class pairs effective technology and innovation, which Swiftships engineering teams are further extending by integrating autonomous systems for unmanned operations.