Our strategic approach

Redefining the New Possible in the Maritime Industry

We are recognized internationally as a leading shipbuilder and maritime systems integrator. Our main activities include design, engineering & new build of naval platforms, vessels’ life extension and co-production programs, R&D and innovation in autonomous and advanced technologies.

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Our Platform

We Leverage our Experiences, and we Continue to Innovate

To maintain our position at the forefront of maritime industry, we know that we cannot allow our successes of yesterday to turn into complacency. As technology rapidly evolves and the changing economic environment requires new adaptable business practices, Swiftships is well prepared and positioned to satisfy the ever- growing demand for our clients’ operational and mission needs.

Sustainable thinking

Swiftships has made it a priority to be a responsible corporate citizen committed to protecting people, the environment and our company’s resources, while providing quality vessels and services. We have developed effective management systems, risk control measures, standards, and special training programs, to ensure optimal performance, highest value to the customers and maximum returns to all stakeholder groups, while operating an overall sustainable business.

Key Initiatives

Give an Ultimate Advantage to Clients:

•  Integrated maritime solutions provider, with full responsibility
•  Access to the most advanced designs, technologies and innovative solutions
•  Cost reduction methodology on programs to support future investments
•  Efficient transfer of technology and know-how so clients achieve promised results
•  Proven hulls, test-data and products quality guarantee

Industry and Quality Standards:

•  ISO 9001: 2015 and ABS Certified
•  Supply Chain Management Systems and Complex Logistics
•  Effective and client’s benefit oriented Product Life Cycle Support and after-sale services
•  Financial credibility and Bonding capability
•  Deep Expertise in Direct Commercial and Foreign Military Sales

Health and Safety:

  • Aim for Zero Incidents Vision with Measurable goals and control systems
  • Swiftships’ internal Process Safety Training Programs;
  • Risks and Crisis Management Systems
  • Equipment and Process Security Measures
  • Personal Health and Safety Assessments

Governance and Compliance

•  Conduct of business activities in honest, ethical, and respectful manners
•  Build long-term, mutual understanding and sustainable relationships with the vendors and clients
•  Fair business practice with in-house regulated FCPA policy
•  Maintain Zero tolerance for drug use
•  Keep our client’s priorities and benefits at the forefront


  • Conservation of energy, water and other resources policies
  • Prevention of Pollution practices from operations in Production Facilities to individual vessel characteristics
  • Motivate our employees to be individually responsible toward the environment
  • No environment reportable incidents
  • Collaborative initiatives on positive impact to environment and society with suppliers, partners and local communities 

People and Talents:

  • Ownership and accountability to deliver results for collective success
  • Talent Development and Mentoring
  • Swift’s Academy and Training courses to grow technical experts pool
  • Diversity and Team Building Campaigns
  • Effective recruitment and new employee integration methods

Technology and Systems:

  • Extended Product Service Life through highest quality materials, technology and systems implementation
  • Innovation and R&D driven initiatives to improve the performance and lifecycle of vessels
  • Reduced risks to human factor and safety while operating Swiftships vessels
  • Manufacturing processes optimization and quality control systems
  • Keep clients updated so they can apply our best knowledge

Stakeholders Interest Protection:

  • Maintain profitability through operational effectiveness and growth
  • Continue improvements in business processes to achieve overall performance enhancements
  • Sustain and grow the company’s tangible and intangible assets and human resource capital
  • Audit, review and improve systems and performance communication tools
  • Protection of Intellectual Property for our clients and governments