Wesam Tameme

Warehouse Director

Wesam Tameme is Warehouse Director and manages internal logistics. He holds a full responsibility for Swiftships material and equipment planning, inventory management and in/out movement. He also assures all goods accepted are according to specifications and standards, and manages order/delivery schedules, inconsistencies and supplier/end-client relationship.

Wesame joined Swiftships in 2013 as a Safety Specialist and a Coordinator, and after was promoted to Program Support and Material Expeditor. His work encompassed a wide array of responsibilities in multiple areas including, safety, maintenance and repairs, logistics and warehouses, and training. Wesam has amassed solid leadership skills and forged his way up to become Warehouse Director.

He has a strong background and experience conducting activities in Naval maintenance and repairs planning and logistics. He was one of the principle people managing the logistics and support needs for the Iraqi Navy. Wesam’s numerous accreditations make him a highly qualified leader to design processes and certify outcomes for fleets’ operations and sustainment.  Wesam operates with particular focus on mission success at the most affordable costs to the customer.