Eric Geibel

Lead, Program Management

As the lead of the Program Management Department (PMD), Mr. Geibel spearheads the program team’s overarching vision and goals in accordance with Swiftships PMO policies and procedures. With over 20 years of experience in program management within Shipbuilding and Ship repair, he plays a pivotal role in the selection and development of team members possessing the requisite skills and expertise essential for effective program execution by implementing streamlined processes and procedures to ensure each program runs smoothly.

Moreover, he assumes responsibility for resource allocation, encompassing budget, personnel, IMS, and equipment, to strengthen the achievement of program objectives. Mr. Geibel actively engages in risk assessment, contingency plan formulation, and continuous monitoring of risk factors across the program lifecycle. He fosters effective communication with various departments, fostering clear and transparent dialogue among team members, stakeholders, and pertinent parties to ensure program success.

Additionally, Mr. Geibel prioritizes regular progress monitoring and performance evaluation against predefined metrics, recognizing the criticality of adaptability and flexibility. He remains poised to adjust plans and strategies as necessary to uphold the program’s trajectory toward success.