Swiftships goes above and beyond to offer turn-key solutions for its clients, anywhere, anytime.

Swiftships provides uncompromised quality through its team of experienced engineers, naval architects, and craftsmen. Our proven steel and aluminum hulls have provided commercial supply and shore defense to 52 nations and to 600+ clients for over 67 years.

Swiftships’ American quality build and innovative designs are the envy of the industry. Our unique capabilities are designed to meet the real-world requirements not only to the United States, but to countless governments across the globe. We are ISO certified and committed to customer satisfaction through unique programs that provide warranty services, spare parts and training for the lifetime of a product.

Delivering Excellence

Smart solutions in full system design


  • ISO 9001:2015 Registered
  • High standard of craftsmanship
  • Efficient and precise construction
  • Advanced designs
  • Skilled labor force
  • Innovative products
  • Top quality steel, aluminum and fiberglass


Missile Retriever Re-power For USAF

Swiftships is performing routine maintenance and refurbishment tasks on the USAF missile retriever MR-120-8803.  The vessel is part of a five missile retriever fleet that Swiftships built for the USAF with deliveries from May 1988 through August 1988.  The MR-120-8803...