Special Operation Craft Riverine (SOCR)

Swiftships’ Anaconda is a Special Operation Craft Riverine (SOCR). It’s a diesel powered, hard chine, and modified V hull form, all-aluminum craft with twin water jet propulsions. It is designed to operate in both salt and fresh water and to be fully operational in Sea State 2 and survive in Sea State 4. The Anaconda is foam filled and will remain afloat even if holed. The craft is capable of operating in tropical regions with assured top performance in air temperatures up to 125° Fahrenheit. This craft has an optional trailer, optional truck, and may be transported through military aircraft or helo-lifted.

With the + 50 knots speed, extreme maneuverability, and survivability, the Anaconda is the ideal platform to serve as command and control, armed escort, direct fire support, troop transport, pursuit/intercept, scout, and patrol craft, both in a riverine environment and for the defense of harbors and off shore installations. It can transport, insert, and extract 6-14 combat loaded troops, excluding crew members. The Anaconda provides five (5) foundations for gun mounts (2 forward, 2 amidships and 1 aft) compatible with MK19 for heavy MG. This craft has a low profile suitable for ready concealment along riverbanks. All masts, staffs, overhead devices, and antennae are hinged for stowage or ease of transport. The Anaconda has an advanced design bow ramp for cargo or personnel and removable/collapsible seating. There is an option of using covers to provide protection for the crew and troops from sun and rain. With the optional advanced electronics package, this vessel is capable of operating using remote controlled technology.

Specifications can be modified in accordance to the operator’s preferences and needs.

LOA 35 feet (10.7 meters)
Beam 8 feet (2.43 meters)
Draft (Average full load) 21 inches (53.34 cm)
Fuel Capacity 180 gallons (681.3 liters)
Endurance (35 knots) 200+ NM
Displacement (Full load) 25,320 lbs
Maximum Speed (Full load) 50+ knots
Passenger Seating 14

In collaboration with the University of Louisiana Lafayette (UL Lafayette) Swiftships has been working to develop a completely autonomous vessel. The program for the development of Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASV) is being carried out under a joint IP agreement known as AN-2. AN-2 will offer a unique design and completely autonomous vessel. The basic concept is to create a “Sensor Bot on Water” that is able to navigate without using pre-programmed way points, but instead using GPS/sensory data autonomous to any human interaction.


  • Main Engines: Two (2) electronic diesel engines rated at 560 BHP @ 2300RPM
  • Propulsors: Two (2) Rolls Royce FF-Series Jets
  • Optional trailer, optional truck, and may be transported through military aircraft or helo-lifted.


  • Riverine Assault Craft
  • Reconnaissance
  • Enforcement
  • Asset protection
  • Zone protection
  • Perimeter protection
  • Surveys
  • Water sampling
  • Emergency response


One (1) 30mm Gun System, Oto Melara. The single 30mm gun is a new generation system characterized by digital architecture and high rate of fire (800 rds/min).

The GAU-17/A gun system consists of a six barrel rotary gun control assembly with electrical cables, gun drive motor unit, a delinking feeder, flexible ammunition feed chutes and ammunition storage system.

Two (2) Mk 93 50 caliber mounts with MK16 tripod. The MK93 Mod4 Gun Mount is for use with both the .50 cal or MK19 machine guns and (with adapters) the M60 and/or the M240 machine guns.