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Swiftships is recognized internationally as a leading shipbuilder and maritime systems integrator. Our main activities include design, engineering, shipbuilding, co-production programs, repair, maintenance and refit services. Our strength lies in our capability to provide clients with integrated solutions that combine quality, the most advanced technologies, and dedicated customer services focused on excellence. Driven by a mission to deliver solutions for every challenge our clients face, the Swiftships team constantly pushes to improve the capabilities of our clients and partners so they can, in turn, accomplish their missions more efficiently and safely.

Global Presence - Local knowledge

Swiftships is headquartered in the United States and operates five shipyards and several dry docks (up to 45,000 tons). We support the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Army and its international allies extensively by designing, building and maintaining hundred of their vessels. We have a presence in 52 countries worldwide, with strategic establishments in North America, Middle East, North Africa, and Asia. 

The middle east programs

Swiftships has a strong presence in the Middle East, and a long history of success that goes back to 1973, when we delivered our first vessel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

Our dedication to successful performance is demonstrated in the multiple programs granted by our regional customers, ranging from vessels sales via FMS/DCS contract to helping the region’s government build local capabilities. We are committed to continuously provide state of the art platforms and superior services to our regional allies. We are strengthening our regional presence providing services and establishing alliances to build indigenous support capabilities to provide co-production and local maintenance-repair services. 

Co-production in egypt

One of our highlighted programs is the transferring of our know-how and technology to the Egyptian Government, followed by dedicated program management and technological assistance support during the co-production program. The partnership led to successfully co-produced 15 military crafts in a span of the first 5 years, upgraded shipbuilding infrastructure and development of local capabilities to produce Swiftships quality vessels locally. 

We are proud that our efforts, in this Build Operate & Transfer (BOT) program, helped the Egyptian Navy meet critical mission requirements and has significantly enhanced the capabilities of the Egyptian shipbuilding industry.


Camp Swift in Iraq

Swiftships provided a Continuous Lifecycle Support (CLS) to the Iraqi Naval Fleet in Umm Qasr. 

The initial contract was issued in 2014, as a sole-source, multi-year Foreign Military Sale (FMS), between the US and Iraqi Governments. Swiftships provided maintenance, support, repairs, and supervised the maintenance of all vessels operated by the Iraq Navy (IqN). Additionally, we provided technical expertise in preventative and planned maintenance, emergency repairs, and platform overhaul services.

The trust of our customers is paramount to Swiftships, and built on our determination to always perform with excellence. 

2 Fast Patrol vessels reach gulf

Swiftships’ 35m Fast Patrol Vessel (FPV-35) is one of the most popular Fast Patrol boats in the world, with over 33 hulls built to date. Swiftships’s FPVs are considered to be the best in the category, due to its overall efficiency, high speed, maneuverability, and its suite of weapons and sensors. We have built FPVs for the US Navy and allies, including Bahrain.

2 custom equipped Fast Patrol Vessels were delivered to Bahrain Navy early 2021. The program will continue with in-country training of the Bahraini navy crew. 

swiftships' vessels and services

Swiftships provides proven platforms that are customized for defense and commercial markets globally. We have cemented our leadership in the industry with over 75 years of demonstrated history in providing excellent service and reliable solutions to our customers. Swiftships builds vessels from steel, aluminum or composite ranging up to 90 meters. Since our establishment in 1942, we build over 1000 vessels and developed over 100 proprietary designs.

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