Swiftships Builds Parent Craft For 45m Missile Boat

July 1, 2014
Posted by: Swiftships

Swiftships has began the construction of a 45 meter (160 foot) Fast Supply Vessel (FSV). The quad-water jet diesel powered vessel will be constructed with aluminum alloy, welded, in accordance with approved codes. The hull will consist of four (4) watertight bulkheads forming five (5) watertight compartments. Swiftships has the ability to interchange the design of its hulls based on the client’s mission. The FSV under construction will serve as a parent craft for the development of Swiftships’ 45 meter Fast Missile Boat (FMB). “Swiftships’ legacy is rooted in its capability to develop military vessels from existing commercial hulls,” said Morgan Rhoades, Swiftships’ Marketing Specialist. “The same method which was used to develop of the famous ‘Swift’ Boats continues to set the foundation for our success in both the military and commercial market.”

The FMB is built to contain and conquer almost any aerial and sub-sea enemy threats. This fast, maneuverable surface combatant, provides warfighting capabilities and operational flexibility for focused missions including mine-clearing, anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare. Equipped with a wide array of assault weapons and state-of-the-art radar systems, the 45-meter FMB makes for a highly lethal vessel.

The Swiftships FMB design is available in multiple configurations and is adaptable to meet the needs of naval forces around the globe.