Swift Maritime Security

Swift Maritime Security Ltd. (SMS) is a subset of its parent company, Swiftships LLC.

SMS is registered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and operates throughout the world to provide elite Maritime Security Services. Swiftships’ experience with both military and commercial clients provides our team with a unique and fundamental understanding of the needs and requirements of the scope of work.


Swift Maritime Security (SMS) has established key partnerships with academia, technology, and manufacturing companies to ensure our services are progressive, technologically advanced, and above all, comprehensive. The on-going partnership with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (UL Lafayette) for the development of autonomous technology is a critical part of our plans to reduce risk of human endangerment while patrolling the seas. Remote operated vessel (ROV) technology is being fully-deployed under SMS. UL Lafayette is involved in researching the trends of technology and how science will view the concept and come up with a prototype. In the end, Swiftships sister company, ICS-Nett, builds the technology and takes it to Market. It is our versatility and our vision that drives our team’s mission to ensure maritime sovereignty.


Swift Maritime Security (SMS) leverages its 76 years of experience in the military and commercial markets to offer turn-key solutions tailored to fit your mission critical needs. SMS was created to address the growing need for safe passage through high risk waters (HRW). SMS operates vessels designed for high-speed patrol and threat neutralization and is licensed to possess ship-borne weapons and armed security professionals by the U.A.E. Additionally, SMS is augmented by security professionals that understand the global threat environment and know how to address it effectively. These professionals are experienced in maritime security and asset protection; anti-piracy and counter terrorism; security management and risk mitigation. SMS examines the regional hazards, laws, and mission of its clients to ensure the most effective and safe security plans are practiced. Presently, SMS provides dynamic and static force protection services to critical assets in Iraq.