Shipbuilding has been our core business since 1942 and we have constructed over 600 hulls. We develop and own the design and test data for every ship we build, and are able to support clients through their vessel’s entire life cycle. Swiftships offers vessels of up to one hundred meters. These are made of aluminum, steel, or a combination of both. We are the market leader in efficiency, system integration, and multi-mission functions.   

Shipbuilding, Repair
and Maintenance Services

• Ship design and engineering
• Naval ship fabrication, structures and components
• Ship hulls and structural components
• Unmanned (Autonomy) solutions integration
• Weapons and sensors integration
• Configuration management and engineering
• Ship repair and maintenance services

Client Support

• Quality Assurance (QA) SME support
• Specialized class-room training
• Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

We are here to build long-term, mutually beneficial, and sustainable relationship. Contact us if you need assistance or additional information about our whole range of worldwide services. 

Swiftships Integrated Logistic Support (ILS):
Helping Reduce Your Costs

ILS services include warehouse management, performance based logistics, manpower analysis, risk management, and more. Swiftships’ supply chain management solutions have helped many clients drastically reduce their costs, future investments and achieve optimal results.

Ship Deployment Services

Swiftships believes in long lasting relationships and business with our clients. Our continuous post-delivery warranty support and maintenance services have earned us the trust and appreciation of governments and navies around the world. Swiftships assumes full responsibility and management of suppliers and sub-contractors, and effectively delivers customized services anywhere on time.

Our warranty support is a customized post-delivery (12 or 18 months) services that help clients extend the vessel’s operability and reduce future maintenance investments

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Our technical assistance covers the entire life-cycle of the ship, including preventative and emergency management, document control, dredging and syncrolift, and more…

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Swiftships FOTS provides dedicated maintenance and support technicians at clients premise that specialize in our vessels and have Transfer of Production (ToP) experience

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