Swiftships’ standard practice in maintaining and repairing ships is to conduct a complete initial survey and prepare work orders. This includes associated work repair packages, test memoranda, estimated costs, required materials lists, and schedules, as well as any deficiency reports required under emergent or non-emergent types of services. Our service life extension program offers number of solutions including: Failure Modes Effect Criticality, COSAL/MICA Type Creation, Integrated Allowance Documentation (IAD), Lifecycle Management, Maintenance, Equipment, and Warranty Support.

Our Service Capabilities

  Ship repair and maintenance
  Conversion and refit
  Continuous life cycle support and fleet management
  Technology updates and autonomous integration solutions

Our Service Approach

  Fleet Condition Assessment
  Ship Dry-Docking

Iraqi Navy Fleet Management

Swiftships has been servicing and managing entire Iraq Naval fleet since 2014.

“We have been working around the clock with NAVSEA PMS 326 to ensure the Iraqi Navy’s mission is kept at the highest order of preparedness, ensuring the tasks for the Iraqi Navy to keep its oil platforms safe.” – Shehraze Shah, CEO Swiftships.

Fleet Condition Assessment 

  Platform condition assessment (“Dry Docking”)
  Use of U.S. Navy-approved techniques to track and correct deficiencies
  Testing of engine hours and oil samples
  Documentation and photography to highlight production deficiencies and progress

Ship Dry-Docking: Planning and Execution

  Provision of covered support for engineers and technician to work on the platforms
  Swiftships develops its major overhaul repair work packages according to the Docking Selected Restricted Availability (DSRA) plan
  Swiftships manages, administers, documents, and reports any major changes in emergent repair
  Swiftships tracks the platform’s material condition during overhaul and identifies any work needed outside of approved work package


  Swiftships dredges the area under the Syncrolift and areas close by. Dredging frequency and extent will be such that the Syncrolift is capable of docking or undocking a vessel during daylight hours 75% of the month.

  We analyze local tide patterns and sets a depth for the syncrolift basin, as measured from the syncrolift rail level area, to meet the capability requirement. Swiftships re-evaluates its plan periodically and proposes changes as needed.

  We also reports the Syncrolift depth to the government, as measured from land level of the Syncrolift rail area, as evidence that the requirement is being met.

  Swiftships disposes of dredged residue far from naval base so operation is not affected. We maintain, operate, and repair the Iraq Navy’s current dredger.


  Swiftships operates, maintains, and repairs the material condition of syncrolift. Our team plans all dry-docking schedules for vessel maintenance and reports any issues.

  Swiftships performs all routine maintenance at prescribed periods documented by SRF. We execute repair work as necessary to correct deficiencies that inhibit Syncrolift operation and  provide an enhancement plan.

  Swiftships’ technicians conduct a routing survey on the platform to ensure ISO compliance.


  Swiftships corrects all platform deficiencies to restore ships to the condition of its original state prior to equipment malfunction or failure and maintain 75% operational readiness.

  All tasks-including identifying, planning, scheduling, managing, and documenting repair work-are completed in accordance with applicable system and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) procedures.

  Swiftships performs all emergent repairs under strict conformance of repair work that qualifies as category 2 or category 3 or when redline threshold(s) are exceeded

  In addition, we conduct diagnostic efforts to determine the extent of damage and generate a preliminary list of required parts and tools prior to emergent repair work.

  In addition, Swiftships conducts diagnostic efforts to determine the extent of damage and generate a preliminary list of required parts and tools prior to emergent repair work.

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