Follow On Technical Services (FOTS)

Swiftships’ standard practice within repair is to conduct surveys and prepare work orders.

This includes associated work repair packages, test memorandums, estimated costs, required materials lists and schedules as well as  deficiency report that is required under emergent or non-emergent types of services. Below are the Swiftships Customer Life Cycle Support programs.


Swiftships assesses platform conditions by physically dry docking the vessel using the “Dry Docking Plan” presented. The assessment of data along with the current ship maintenance project (CSMP) results, assist Swiftships in determining the platform severity. The results help track and correct any/all deficiencies using documented techniques approved by the United States Navy (USN). In addition, Swiftships studies engine hours and oil sample results to make any emergent repairs. Along with the fleet condition assessment, Swiftships furnishes the government with photographs of the work site to show identified boat deficiencies, production progress, and other appropriate topics.


Swiftships provides covered support for engineers and technicians to work on the platform. Swiftships plans major overhaul repair work by developing repair work packages per the DSRA plan. Swiftships manages, administers, documents, and reports any major changes subjected within emergent repair. In addition, Swiftships tracks platform material condition during overhaul and identifies any work outside of approved work package.


Swiftships dredges the area under the Syncrolift and areas close by. Dredging frequency and extent will be such that the Syncrolift is capable of docking or undocking a 35M PB during daylight hours 75% of the month. Swiftships analyzes local tide patterns and establishes a depth (as measured from land level of Syncrolift rail area) for the Syncrolift basin that is representative of capability requirement. Swiftships re-evaluates periodically and proposes changes to the plan if needed. In addition to dredging, Swiftships provides the government with a report on the Syncrolift depth (as measured from land level of the Syncrolift rail area) to provide evidence that the requirement is being met. Furthermore, Swiftships disposes of dredged residue far away from naval base so operation is not affected. Swiftships maintains, operates and repairs the current dredger in place by the Iraq Navy.


Swiftships operates, maintains, and repairs the material condition of the Syncrolift. The Swiftships team plans all dry-docking schedules for the maintenance of vessels and reports any issues. Swiftships performs all routine maintenance at prescribed periods documented by SRF. Swiftships executes repair work as necessary to correct deficiencies that inhibit Syncrolift operation. An enhancement plan for Synchrolift is provided at a later stage. Swiftships’ technicians conduct a routing survey on the platform to ensure ISO compliance is met.


Swiftships corrects all platform deficiencies to restore ships to the condition of its original state prior to equipment malfunction or failure and maintain 75% operational readiness. All tasks, including identifying, planning, scheduling, managing, and documenting repair work is completed in accordance with applicable system and OEM procedures. Swiftships performs all emergent repairs under strict conformance of repair work that qualifies as category 2 or category 3 or when redline threshold(s) are exceeded. In addition, Swiftships conducts diagnostic efforts to determine the extent of damage and generate a preliminary list of required parts and tools prior to emergent repair work.