Missile Retriever Re-power For USAF

February 16, 2016
Posted by: Swiftships

Swiftships is performing routine maintenance and refurbishment tasks on the USAF missile retriever MR-120-8803.  The vessel is part of a five missile retriever fleet that Swiftships built for the USAF with deliveries from May 1988 through August 1988.  The MR-120-8803 is stationed in Panama City, FL and supports Tyndal Air Force base missions.  The maintenance project is one of several scheduled maintenance tasks that Swiftships has been selected to perform on the missile retriever fleet since they were delivered almost 30 years ago.

The USAF selected Swiftships over several other contractors due to its level of understanding of the vessels as the OEM and its performance on the previous maintenance tasks.  Swiftships has performed maintenance tasks for many different clients and is currently under contract to maintain the Iraq Naval fleet.