Capt. Hashim Raza (R)

VP, Tech. Services

Captain Hashim Raza (R) joined Swiftships in September 2015 after 27 years of service in the Operations Branch of the Pakistan Navy. He is a distinguished graduate of both Pakistan Naval Academy and Pakistan Navy War College. He is also a graduate of Joint Services Command & Staff College, UK. His academic qualifications include MSc (War Studies), MA (Defence Studies) from Kings College, UK and PGD in Strategic Management & Leadership from CMI, UK. He is also a communications and Electronic Warfare (EW) specialist. Captain Hashim has rich experience in a variety of fields, such as Maritime Warfare, Operational Research & Analysis, Security, HRM, Training, QA & QC, Internal & External Audits, etc. Captain Hashim has about 10 years’ experience of sailing on small, medium and large warships, the last being Commanding Officer of a Guided Missile Destroyer (DDG). He also has extensive experience of conducting military education and training that includes over 5 years as instructor at Pakistan Naval Academy, including 1 1/2 years as its Deputy Commandant, and Senior Instructor of Maritime Affairs, Military Strategy and Warfare at Pakistan Navy War College. Being an experienced mariner, Captain Hashim’s presence helps in understanding and accommodating practitioners’ perspective in products and services rendered by Swiftships.