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Our group of companies have joint global coalitions fighting against the omnipresent of COVID-19. We are focused on protecting the health and safety of our workforce and communities from the wide range of ramifications of this unparalleled global challenge.

We offered our facility in Louisiana, for the city and health professionals as a Test Center for this pandemic. Since Louisiana is one of the states plagued by COVID-19 cases, we initiated discussion with Morgan City Mayor, Mr. Boo Grizzaffi, to discuss how Swifthips could best serve the needs of our community. In order to mitigate the effects of virus, we have donated a generous amount of masks and hand sanitizers to health organizations. We are in continues contact with local healthcare providers and community leaders to provide additional resources needed to tackle this crisis.

COVID-19 Outbreak is changing everyone's lives - we are no different

swifthips' core guidelines

  1. Protecting the health and well-being of Swifthips’ employees and partners is our top priority.  
  2. Our ongoing mission is prevent or reduce the impact of the pandemic, and provide our clients with their mission critical platforms and requirements. 
  3. Support communities, and the US Government and other countries we operate governments, with initiatives that would help to manage the coronavirus negative impact. 
  4. Innovate and advance in the ways we do business, manage our operations and prepare for the future changes. 

a message from our ceo

We at Swiftships consider the health and safety of our personnel, customers, suppliers and all stakeholders as the highest priority. We are honoring the recommendations of our government and health professionals, and we are implementing every possible measure and to ensure the health and well-being of our colleagues, and to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Meanwhile, we remain focused on meeting the needs of our customers. We continue to address their needs using the most advanced technological capabilities and strategic innovations, to provide solutions, best value and unmatched services. We are confident in our ability to balance the needs for health protection, and to maintain business momentum and production requirements, and we are committed to our clients’ critical missions. 

We will overcome these challenges and will continue to grow our business. We are getting new contracts, and I foresee Swifthsips will remain financially strong to sustain all current jobs, and expect to further increase our employment. We at Swiftships are proud of our efforts in support of our community and the nation’s economy.

We pray for you, your families and your loved ones, and wish you all the very best in these unprecedented times. Stay safe!

 – Shehraze Shah, CEO

defending the world together

keeping employees safe

We are taking prudent measures to minimize the spread of COVID-19 while we continue to provide essential services. The majority of our global employees are working from home and we are encouraging flexibility during this period as our teams balance work with caring for their communities.

For those essential employees who will maintain our manufacturing and logistics, we have implemented additional health and safety measures, including maximizing working space, changing shift schedules, instituting mandatory screening and temperature checks. We have also implemented a robust paid sick leave policy and other forms of financial support, EAP (Employee Assistance Programs).

supporting communities

With COVID-19 now characterized as a global pandemic, we have shifted our philanthropic focus to supporting providers and sourcing healthcare delivery supplies both locally and globally.

In addition, we are providing our employees with opportunities and support to volunteer in the communities where they live and work.
We stand together as a part of this community, whether as patient, customer, employee or neighbor. We are committed to doing our part to help our communities during this period and beyond.

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