Join us in delivering excellence. Our success is founded on talented employees effectively leveraging their knowledge, skills and innovative ideas to shape the future of technology, and provide creative and tailored solutions. We, collectively and individually, lead through our competences, creativity and teamwork.

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At Swiftships, we recognize the value in every employee. Your ideas can take root among a talented team of successful leaders and high achievers – dedicated to excellence, passionate about results, and committed to impact and growth. You will find a great opportunity to grow, advance your knowledge, acquire and cultivate your skills for a bright and successful future.

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Swiftships is committed to creating a work environment where everyone is respected, valued and appreciated for who he or she is. We will nurture your potentials and support your professional growth. We will provide the opportunities you need and help you pave the way to achieve your personal and professional goals. You will have or make opportunities to transform groundbreaking ideas into revolutionary features.

We invest in training, and developmental programs to give every employee the opportunity to realize his/her aspirations. We will give you the technical training you need for your position, and an experience you will value for life.

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We employ a skilled workforce eager to learn, grow and contributes to the company and our communities’ success. Build with us the rock-solid foundation of our products, and be part of our commitment to good corporate citizenship, sustainable business practices and community support.

Current Opportunities Exist for: 

  • Experienced and certified professionals
  • Skilled craftsmen
  • Cleared professionals
  • Transitioning military personnel
Current openings
Other Job Openings
  • Marine Inside/Outside Machinist

  • Maintenance Housekeeper

  • Maintenance Mechanic

  • Maintenance Operators (Forklift and Crane)

How to apply

Email your application/resume and cover letter to [email protected] or send via USPS to P.O. Box 2869, Morgan City, LA 70381. You may also apply in person at 1105 Levee Road, Morgan City, LA 70380.

Click here to download the Swiftships Employment Application

Swiftships academy

Many craftsmen began their careers at the Swiftships Academy. The welding academy is a 6-8 week course in which potential aspiring welders are trained in aluminum Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding. Upon entering the course, students receive a salary based on their skill level. After successfully completing the academy and attaining U.S. Coast Guard certification, students have the opportunity to join the Swiftships team as leaders in production of some of the world’s finest naval ships.

Opportunities exist for:

  • Individuals who have completed a two year welding course
  • Welders who have a few months to a year of aluminum welding experience

For more information please contact Human Resources at [email protected] or call 985-380-8286. For more information about working with Switships, visit our Careers page. 

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