Shehraze Shah


Shehraze Shah provides proven leadership for Swiftships in his role as the CEO. Mr. Shah has previous experience standing up companies from the ground up and has successfully expanded those businesses globally prior to stepping into his current role at Swiftships.

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Jeff Leleux


Jeff Leleux, co-owner and President of Swiftships, began his career at Swiftships upon his graduation from college. For nearly two decades Mr. Leleux has been instrumental in designing mechanical and electrical systems for military, commercial and luxury vessels produced at Swiftships.

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Dan Musmanno

EVP, Business Development

As Executive Vice President of Business Development, Daniel Musmanno oversees the execution of Swiftships’ strategic plan through marketing, capture management, and proposal writing and is responsible to both government and commercial customers for the efficient execution of contracts.

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Capt. Hashim Raza (R)

VP, Tech. Services

Captain Hashim Raza (R) joined Swiftships in September 2015 after 27 years of service in the Operations Branch of the Pakistan Navy. He is a distinguished graduate of both Pakistan Naval Academy and Pakistan Navy War College. He is also a graduate of Joint Services Command & Staff College, UK.

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Adm. Ibrahim Aglan (R)

VP, Technical & Engineering

Ibrahim Aglan joined Swiftships in 2004 as Director of Programs with the Egyptian Navy, in 2010 he was assigned the director of production of the 28m Costal Patrol Boats for Egypt, in 2014 he took over the CLS Program for Iraq Navy, in 2015 he was assigned as the VP, Technical Support and the VP, Technical & Engineering in 2017.

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Katha Goree

Executive Assistant

Katha came to Swiftships in December 2016 as the Executive Assistant to the CEO, President and Chairman. Katha has 40 years of experience in the marine industry including 25 years as a Senior Administrative Assistant at the American Bureau of Shipping.

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Jessica Carrasco

Human Resource Specialist

Jessica Carrasco joined Swiftships in November of 2019 as Human Resource Specialist. She has over 10 years of experience with 4 years of involvement working within the intricacies of personnel management. Jessica prides herself on making sure all policies are followed and kept up-to-date according to government guidelines. Her goals are making sure the company’s talent acquisition/recruiting, benefit administration, training and development, employee and labor relations are followed.

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John Davidson

Director, Finance

John Davidson, Director of Finance, joined the Swiftships team in 2000. He has since climbed up the ladder from Accountant to Senior Accountant to Director of Finance. In his current role, John uses his financial expertise to oversee the entire finance department to ensure proper procedures and protocols are followed.

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Danny Knope

Director, Supply Chain

Danny Knope joined Swiftships in April of 2010 as an Estimator. He brought with him three decades of experience in materials and fabrication. His career has encompassed a wide range of duties and responsibilities including President of a commercial oilfield fabricator and Head of Business Development of another commercial corporation.

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Gary Beadle

Purchasing Manager

Gary started at Swiftships in 2017 bringing with him 40 years of purchasing and management experience. As Procurement Manager, Gary is in charge of all aspects of procurement including…

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David Chatham

Engineering Manager

David Chatham handles all technical information regarding the building, repair, certification and documentation of Swiftships vessels. He provides critical engineering leadership and support to the various engineering teams through the development of capabilities, policies and procedures and resources, including an understanding of the current and future engineering requirements of the department.

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Greg Hedges

Assistant Engineering Manager

Gregory Hedges handles all day-to-day operations of draftsmen/designers integrating technical information into Swiftships design drawings for client vessels. Gregory brings 12+ years of experience in structural and mechanical construction including shipbuilding, oil refineries and piping design, working for various companies in the shipbuilding, construction and operation fields.

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Allen Crochet

Director, Program Management Office (PMO)

Allen Crochet started working in the Program Management Office at Swiftships in August of 2010. During that time, he has been instrumental in both pre-award and post-award efforts for the many contracts he has been involved in. Allen has successfully managed and delivered on both the fast paced demanding commercial contracts…

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Brandon Doiron

Director, Program Manager – Autonomous

Brandon Doiron, PMP is a Project Manager who works with project stakeholders to deliver new military and commercial vessels on time and under budget. He has supported the delivery of numerous military and commercial vessels ranging from $2.5m to $18m.

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Blake Acosta

Project Manager, SLEP

Blake Acosta started working for Swiftships in July, 2019 as Operations Manager and shortly thereafter was promoted to Project Manager. He is currently the Repair Project Manager for the LCU 2000 and Missile Retriever projects. Blake has an extensive background in the shipyard industry, beginning his career as a yard hand and over time working through each department to learn various industry trades.

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Fred “Coy” Smith

Project Manager, FMS

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Joyson Neel

Project Manager, DCS

Joyson’s career began in shipbuilding and repair of commercial and military crafts in 1992, where he specialized in MTU mechanical & electronic systems until 2003. He soon moved into Subject Marine & Generator commissioning, and warranty and maintenance support performing major overhauls.

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Jennifer Colomb

Project Manager, Kits

Jennifer Colomb is a project manager for the 28 Meter Patrol Boat program and works directly with SUPSHIP Gulf Coast to ensure its success. She joined Swiftships in 2013 and brings nearly two decades of integrated logistics and supply chain knowledge to the team.

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Freddie Calloway

Project Manager, Material

Freddie Calloway began his journey with Swiftships in November of 2009. With 11 years of service to Swiftships, Freddie has had a variety of positions and responsibilities. He started his Swiftships career in the warehouse and was later awarded the positions of Warehouse Manager, ILS manager, Program Material Manager, and recently promoted to Project Manager.

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Jarrett Landry

Project Manager, Operations

Jarrett Landry is Swiftships’ Project Manager for Operations who works with commercial and military clients and has been part of the Swiftships family for over 10 years. His primary role consists of liaising with internal resources such as engineering and program management and client representatives to ensure that all design criteria and technical requirements are fulfilled throughout the build process.

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Albert Fogarty

Director, Production

Albert Fogarty joined Swiftships in 2015 as Director of Production. He brings over three decades of experience on multi-million and multi-billion dollar projects. His career has encompassed a wide range of duties and responsibilities including U.S. Navy shipbuilding programs, U.S. military aircraft, ship and weapons systems…

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Gibson Lacoste

Production Manager

Gibson “Gippy” LaCoste joined Swiftships in 2016 as Production Manager. His talents encompass a career in shipbuilding spanning more than 47 years, specializing in both military and commercial shipbuilding worldwide. He has supported Department of Defense projects as well as oil fields throughout the globe.

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David Acosta

Maintenance Manager

David Acosta began working for Swiftships in March of 2018 as a repair and dry dock superintendent. His experience with operating drydocks spans 26 years, owning a local shipyard for 21 of them. During this time he was involved in new construction on 100+ vessels and 1000+ repairs, refurbishments and re-powers.

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Julio Basas

QA Manager

With 27 years of service to Swiftships, Julio Basas has had a variety of positions and responsibilities. He started his Swift career as Paint Supervisor and later was awarded the positions of Supervisor of Composites, Maintenance Supervisor, Warranty Engineer, Boat Foreman, Assistant Superintendent and his current position of QA Manager.

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David Bourdier

Facilities Manager

David has been with Swiftships since 2010. With over 55 years of experience in the oil industry, he brings to Swift a diverse set of skills and expertise, from Lead Man, Inspector, Shipping and Receiving, to Environmental Coordinator, just to name a few.

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Kaleb Alexander

Safety Manager

Kaleb Alexander began his journey with Swiftships in December 2019. He is responsible for the design, implementation, communication and coordination of all Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) programs for the shipyard, while providing technical and administrative direction on all HSE decisions.

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