Team USA


Vice President,
Business Development

With two decades of sales and marketing experience, Rhonda Irby brings to the team her in depth knowledge of international planning and strategy. As VP of Business Development with Swiftships, Rhonda is responsible for the ongoing development and capture efforts for our international activities with a focus on Asia and the MENA region.

Rhonda’s extensive background in global logistics has helped her to win major contracts with defense and peace keeping agencies that include the UN, NATO, US Government, foreign militaries and law enforcement agencies. She has developed large energy projects in consortium with oil & gas and power producers including developing partnerships and obtaining project finance with development banks.

Her extensive network of contacts in the private and public sectors that includes cabinet-level government officials, senior corporate executives and international donors. She has a solutions driven mind and an ability to turn a random conversation into a sales opportunity.

Rhonda earned her Bachelors Degree in the Geosciences from California State University, Chico and has done graduate work there as well. She holds an Associates Degree in Japanese from UC, Irvine. Rhonda also sits on the board of the organizing committee of the Middle East Process Engineering Conference and is a member of the American Business Council in Dubai.