Eric Geibel

VP, Operations

Eric Geibel has over 20 years experience in business management, innovation and development through a diverse background of business experiences. His experiences and qualifications in special programs, occupational safety, human resources, training and consulting compliment his unique understanding in his role as VP of Operations. He has a sound and thorough understanding of business visioning, establishment, consolidation and expansion. Mr. Geibel continues to develop and refine his innate talent for organizational systems, safety management, team building, sales, and marketing while gaining valuable experience expanding local, regional, and international relationships.

Mr. Geibel has provided leadership, marketing, and direct sales in a variety of industries, as well as developed and implemented safety training programs for general construction, general industrial, and shipbuilding industries with a focus on team building. He understands the challenges that face business owners as they integrate and incorporate changes to their businesses. As a trainer, coach and mentor Mr. Geibel has extensive knowledge and expertise. He is both incisive and compassionate, supporting the process of individual and group dynamic breakthroughs with confidence and precision.

Additonally, Mr. Geibel is a certified occupational safety manager (COSM) and received the Safety Professional of the Year (SPOTY) award in 2012 from J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc. and Occupational Safety and Health Magazine.