Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Swiftships’ policy is to conduct business in a manner that protects people, assets, intellectual property, and the environment.

Our commitment is to have an effective management system for Health, Safety and Environment that promotes:

  • Line management and employee accountability, commitment and individual contribution.
  • Measurable goals and plans for continual improvement aimed at zero incidents; conservation of energy, water and other resources; reduced emissions; and the prevention of pollution.
  • Integration of HSE matters into all business activities.
  • Identification and effective management of HSE risks.
  • Provision of training, controls and protective measures based on sound assessment of personal health and safety, equipment and process safety, workforce and asset security and environmental responsibility.
  • Collaboration with customers, regulator, contractors, suppliers and community to improve overall performance.
  • Compliance with applicable legislation, regulations and industry standards.
  • Audit and review of systems and communication of performance.
  • Understanding crisis alert levels and response plans.
  • Protection of all Swiftships intellectual property.

Swiftships is a responsible corporate citizen committed to the protection of people, the environment, and company resources while providing quality vessels and services.