Swiftships humble beginning started with its operations in the early 1950s, serving commercial clients and US Government. Our vessels have since been tested in every ocean, across all weather conditions, and on low to high threat missions. Today, we have a presence in 52 countries worldwide with strategic establishments in the Americas, Middle East, North Africa, and Asia.

Swiftships’ Shipyards

  Morgan City, Louisiana: Specialized in aluminum and steel construction of military and specialty vessels, oilfield support vessels, ferry and pleasure boats up to 75 meters.

  New Iberia, Jeanerette: Construction of small to medium sized hulls and aluminum fabrication facility.

  ESRBC, Egypt: A co-production shipyard that allows Swiftships to offer competitive market solutions to clients with low-budget.

Swiftships: Trusted by the U.S. Navy and Various Government Agencies

We have been supporting U.S. defense missions since we were founded and since that time have delivered hundreds of vessels and provided a wide range of support services. Currently we are working on the construction of 32 LCU-1700 vessels for the Navy and the service life extension of multiple LCU-2000 platforms for the Army.

U.S. Amphibious Operations and LCU-1700

In 2018 NAVSEA contracted Swiftships to design and build Landing Craft, Utility-1700 surface connectors. The project continues until 2027 will construct 32 LCU with additional vessels to be contracted for partner nations.

The new Swiftships landing craft features improved propulsion systems and cargo capacity, cheaper maintenance, less crew required to operate, and smaller but more powerful engines to reduce fuel cost.  The improved fuel economy and personnel requirements will decrease the two greatest expenses on the existing LCU 1600 program.

Leading Innovator and Integrator
in the Local Maritime Market

Swiftships is known as a pioneer in developing reliable, effective and highly applicable solutions for automation and autonomy. Our Swift Autonomy Solution (SAS) dedicated team works with industry partners in advanced defense solutions and engineering to provide cutting edge and turnkey solutions to its clients. The department works continuously on R&D to deliver the most advanced autonomous platforms and artificial intelligence integration solutions to global network of clients.

Swiftships Academy, Training
Programs and Specialized Courses

Original Swiftships Academy started from the need for skilled craftsmen. It now grew to a solid organization that provides specialized training covering different programs in our US base and client’s location. Swiftships Academy unites number of academic and industry partners, and all programs are specially designed for client’s cases.

Experienced and Trusted Partner with Operations in MENA

Swiftships builds long-term partnerships with its clients. We understand regional and mission needs and build the solutions on based on our experience and the highest-technology. We are experts on the modernization and localization requirements of Middle Eastern countries.

Co-Production in Egypt

Swiftships has carried out co-production activities with the Egyptian Navy for nearly a decade.

Swiftships co-produced 15 craft (to-date) on USN HSNC rules at ESRBC yard, and 500 Egyptian labor were trained to gain the necessary experience to construct and maintain EN craft to meet critical mission requirements.

BOT program offering has enhanced Egyptian shipbuilding industry and increased localization by establishing a 5x the industrial base. Egyptian Shipyard is now capable to build steel and aluminum vessels, repair of up to 70-meter ships, mechanical slipway, floating dock and crane, advances paint systems.

Shipyard has co-produced over 15 Coastal Patrol Craft (28 M CPC) up to date and is further expending its capacity with plans of supplying vessels to African countries.

The World’s Finest and Most Demanded Fast Patrol Boats 

Swiftships 35m Fast Patrol Vessel (FPV35) is one of the most popular vessels in the world with over 33 hulls built to date. Swiftships FPV are considered leaders in the category due to is overall efficiency, high speed and maneuverability. We have built FPVs US Air Force, Iraq, Bahrain, Dominic Republic and others. Recently we upgraded FPV35 model with the most advanced missile system that will further increase the vessel’s multi-mission capabilities.

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Superior engineering, modern design and state-of-the-art technology are the foundation of what distinguishes a Swiftships vessel.


Corporate shipbuilding knowledge and transfer technology is shared with qualifying nations under the BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) program.


We develop and own the design and test data for every ship we build, and are able to support clients through their vessel’s entire life cycle…