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Led With Passion For
Shipbuilding and Innovation
Over 80 Years of Experience in Supporting Mission-Critical Operations

Since 1940′, Swiftships was led by the vision to provide the most innovative and advanced practical solutions for our clients’ critical missions. For over 80 years, we have engineered and constructed over 1000 vessels and provided SLEP/MRO services to over 50 operators , earning trust of our military and commercial clients for excellence and quality. 

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History And Milestones

Forged from excellence, driven with character, and sealed by quality, Swiftships is propelled by the spirit of innovation and pioneering since its establishment.

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Swiftships' today
Our Vision

Be a global leader in designing and constructing advanced naval platforms.  

Our Mission

Provide clients with a vital advantage for their military, security or commercial operations.

Business Model

Our core strength is our capability to provide clients with integrated solutions that combine quality, the most advanced technologies and dedicated customer service focused on excellence. 

Swiftships - Above and Beyond

We are driven to deliver solutions for every challenge our customers face. We constantly push ourselves to improve the capabilities of our customers and partners, so they can accomplish their missions safely and efficiently. Learn more about Swiftships’ Team, Strategic Partnerships, Operational Capacity, Quality and Values. 

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Swiftships Values
by delivering the most demanding clients' requirements, within their budget and schedule
from design and engineering, through shipbuilding and system integration, to deployment and technical support
by redefining the new possible and delivering solutions that are ready to meet the world future challenges