26 Meter Fast Patrol Craft

Swiftships’ 26 Meter Patrol Craft is a triple water jet, diesel powered, all-welded aluminum patrol craft.

The hull consists of four (4) watertight bulkheads forming five (5) watertight compartments. The functionality of this vessel is to contain and conquer almost any aerial and underwater enemy threats. The hull and superstructure are constructed in accordance with applicable codes or requirements of the client.

Specifications can be modified in accordance to the operator’s preferences and needs.

LOA 82 feet 1/4 inches (26 meters)
Beam 20 feet (6 meters)
Draft 4 feet 11 inches (1.5 meters)
Fuel Capacity 2,500 gallons (9,463 liters)
Potable Water 350 gallons (1,330 liters)
Range 1,000 nautical miles
Endurance 10 days
Speed (full load, full power) 45 knots


  • Main Engine: Three (3) engines rated at 1800 HP @2300 RPM

  • Generators: Two (2) 55 kW generators

  • Propulsors: Propellers or Water jets


  • Two (2) VHF radio

  • One (1) SSB radio

  • One (1) Intercom system

  • One (1) Loudhailer

  • Two (2) Handheld VHF radio

  • One (1) Magnetic compass

  • Two (2) Radars with ARPA

  • One (1) Fathometer

  • One (1) GPS

  • One (1) Autopilot

  • One (1) ECDIS

  • One (1) Sound powered phone system


  • Two (2) Mk 93 50 caliber mounts with MK16 tripod.  The MK93 Mod4 Gun Mount is for use with both the .50 cal or MK19 machine guns and (with adapters) the M60 and/or the M240 machine guns.
  • One (1) MSI-Defence Systems 25mm Stabilised Naval Gun System. The single lightweight automated 25mm gun provides 200 rounds on the mount and a high rate of fire (200 rds/min) to counter surface and air threats.


Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) launching ramp on back deck.