Team USA


VP, Security Services

For the past 23 years (16 years internationally), Edward Fairchild has actively engaged in the field of security operations and management specializing in protective security, risk mitigation, and intelligence operations and strategic leadership within the military, various government organizations, NGOs, and private enterprise. He is federally certified as an executive/diplomatic protection professional, physical security professional, and facility security officer. His career has created a broad base of knowledge and in-depth experience from work both strategically and tactically in the Corporate Security, Terrorism, Homeland Security, Executive and Dignitary Protection sectors, providing expertise and insight into policy, prevention, and response. Mr. Fairchild has had the honor of protecting, consulting, and working alongside U.S. Presidents, Dignitaries, Foreign Heads of State, and Captains of Industry providing advice and leadership for critical projects and high-risk missions across the globe.

This dual role, combining private sector and government affairs, has created a hybrid expertise that is unique and allows for a comprehensive understanding and collaborative execution capacity. Mr. Fairchild can efficiently develop and integrate full-scope corporate and operational plans and programs focused on mission requirements, as well as corporate goals. He is a strategic planner and critical thinker with proven analytical, problem-solving and solution implementation skills in diverse mission-critical environments, creating a dynamic, results-oriented executive that is often unseen in the corporate world. His extensive international operational experience combined with his C-level acumen has allowed him to excel at the highest levels of industry and government capable of developing and directing a tiered, multi-disciplined security and intelligence organization on a global scale.